Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Halloween Weekend at Woodyz Acres

 Sad to say, Halloween weekend was the last for the season at Woodyz Acres.  The campground is closed down for winter season and we won't be going back until April.  I've made so many friends and memories this past year, and I can't wait to do it again in 2022. 

Brandon and Dalton 
(aka, Gucci and Gnomie)

Amanda and her "date"

The 30th, several campers got together to celebrate Halloween festivities at the campground.  We dressed up, handed out candy to over 300 kids, and gathered for a community wienie roast.  

Just some of the loot I handed out.

I ended up grabbing a hot dog stick by the metal prongs and burnt the hell out of four of my fingers.  They finally healed up just a few days ago.  (Don't try that one at home, kids!)

Jason sat on the back of the golf cart during trick-or-treat time and scared the bejesus out of several people.

Me dressed up in a mish-mash of clothing.

Two of my sisters even came to stay Saturday night at one of the cabins.  It was fun having them around to hang and play. 

Sister, Sandy, dressed as a scary gnome.

sister, Traci

an inflatable that I found for a great price on Amazon

Until we meet again Woodyz Acres....Until we meet again.