Friday, December 17, 2021

Blessed By These Babies

This last year has blessed us with babies...and more on the way.  

Our first grandson, Henry, will be 1-year old in January.

Henry praising the Lord that he made Santa's nice list!

Our second grandson, Waylon, is almost 3 months old.

Waylon posing in plaid

My nephew, Brandon, just turned 1-year old in November.  I'm lucky enough to get to babysit him every Wednesday evening.

Brandon in his 1st birthday outfit.

After 17 years, I no longer work full-time as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher.  I went down to part-time (still raking in a lot of hours) and babysit for my supervisor's little one, Jonathan.  He is 3-months old.

Jonathan wearing a onesie made for his older brother almost 17 years ago.
(Yep, you read that right. Almost 17 year age difference between Jonathan and his older brother.  It's like starting all over again!)

Logan holding his first baby's ultrasound pics

AND (drum roll please) Logan is going to be a first-time daddy.   He and his lady are due in early July.  Yay, another grandbaby on the way!


Jackie said...

Congrats on another grandbaby on the way!

Sparkles and Lattes said...

You have some very cute grandbabies and another one soon!!!

An Apel a Day said...

How fun to have a lot of new life in your family. I bet Logan's happy! I was excited to see my niece that's a year old over Christmas.

Theresa Mahoney said...

So many babies! Congrats on them all, and good luck to Logan!