Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Drive-Thru at the Festival of Lights

For several years, our town was host to the Avenue of Lights, an animated light display over 1.5 miles long.  Due to budget cuts, it was put on hiatus for a few years.  We were lucky enough to have it come back last year, renamed as the Festival of Lights.

obligatory selfie

The night after Thanksgiving I hopped in a car with one of my sons, a friend, and my niece to check out the displays.  It didn't disappoint!

Admission to Festival of Lights is $15 a carload and it takes little over half an hour to drive through the entire park.

Adam's entry/exit driving skills were a little off!

We watched in awe at the animations, laughed till we cried, and even created a little confusion when we couldn't find the exit and Adam weaved his way around other cars to get us out.  Good times!

Did you check out any Christmas lights this year?


Sparkles and Lattes said...

We used to have something like this where we live, but they don't do it anymore. I love your photos and hope that we get to do that again. We went and looked at Christmas lights a couple times in December. Always a favorite.

Theresa Mahoney said...

We have a drive through light display by us too but didn't go this year. I do think they are really pretty and a great way to enjoy the holidays while social distancing.