Monday, February 7, 2022

Heck Of A Thanksgiving - 2021

I dressed pretty casual this year. 

My son, nephew, and son's girlfriend
All three are crew staff for Texas Roadhouse.
Interesting fact: My oldest daughter works there too.

I know, I know....We're into February and I'm talking about last year's Thanksgiving.  Just go with it. 

For the last few years, my niece has hosted Thanksgiving in her home.  It's large enough to hold the massive amount of family we have.  Jason's three girls couldn't attend but most of the family was there to eat, drink, and Give Thanks.

Like everyone else's Thanksgiving meals, we had enough food to feed an Army.  Pies, turkey, casseroles, potatoes, and appetizers galore.  

Every year, after we eat, we all put our names on index cards to be drawn.  Whoever's name is on that card is who we buy a Christmas gift for.  That way, we're not buying for everybody and their dog.

great-niece, Faythe, and nephew, Brandon

After eating and gabbing for a bit, a few of us went over to my other niece's house to play Left Right Center.  It's a popular dice game among us.

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?


jjmon2012 said...

Quiet Thanksgiving at home. I am a senior with COPD so i am very careful about wearing a mask. So i stayed home I do have all of my shots but as they better safe then sorry

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