Thursday, March 24, 2022

¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water - Review and Giveaway


It's mindboggling to me what can be created with food and drink now days.  Cauliflower as a pizza crust...Milk made from almonds....Water powered by cactus leaf.  But, hey, I'm down to give it a try.

I recently received a six-pack of  ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water.  Can't say I've ever drank cactus water before then, but was excited to try it.  

Powered by USDA-certified organic nopal cactus leaf, ¡CACTUS! contains antioxidants, electrolytes and amino acids to promote absorption and retention in the body. ¡CACTUS!, known as the Desert Hydrator, is available in lime, papaya and watermelon flavors and low in sugar and calories.  It is one of the very few cactus waters on the market that is produced from the cactus leaf rather than prickly pear.

The hydrocolloid in nopal cactus leaf binds to water and acts like a sponge. It is what gives the cactus the ability to absorb and retain water and micronutrients and survive in the scorching desert heat. ¡CACTUS! contains this same hydrocolloid, which boosts hydration, absorption and retention in the human body.

I received two cans of each ¡CACTUS! flavor and set out to try one each day.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well I liked them.  It tastes like regular water, with a hint of flavoring. I don't know if you're supposed to taste any cactus from the drinks, but I didn't.  The flavors were not overpowering.  The drinks are non-carbonated and very refreshing.  I liked all three flavors, with my favorite being watermelon.  

¡CACTUS! is available on Amazon for $17.94 per 6 pack of 12 fluid ounce cans.  ¡CACTUS! is also available in select grocery stores throughout the Southwest, including H-E-B and Raleys.

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One person will win a variety 6-pack of ¡CACTUS! Organic Cactus Water.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Experienced Beyond Van Gogh St Louis: The Immersive Experience


Let me first preface this by saying I'm not much into art.  I don't study the difference between abstract, contemporary, chalk drawings, whatever.  I know very little about famous artists, including Van Gogh.  Before going to this exhibit, the only thing I recall about him is that he's the artist known for "Starry Night".  

If I'm being honest, I only went to the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit because my niece wanted someone to go with and my husband was busy at home preparing for a sermon, so I thought it best that I leave him to some peace and quiet.  

Beyond Van Gogh St Louis: The Immersive Experience is open in St. Louis until May 30, 2022.  Other cities also have their own Beyond Van Gogh tour dates going on now.  There are different price points for ticket purchases.  I spent a total of $69 on the Premium Flex Ticket but that's so I could get in at the same time as Ashley and Faythe.  They had already purchased Basic tickets a few days before and that particular time was sold out when I went to purchase my ticket.  So, I went for a higher priced one in order to get in as the same time as them.

Occupying over 30,000 square feet, Beyond Van Gogh is the largest immersive experience in the country and features over 300 of Van Gogh's artworks.  The entire experience lasts about an hour.

Beyond Van Gogh in St. Louis is set outside the St. Louis Galleria in a large tent.  Attendees go through three separate rooms.  I could've done without the first two rooms, but the third one was off the charts!

As you walk through the first room, there are several pieces hanging from the ceiling that detail Van Gogh's life story.  I only read bits and pieces of them.  It was interesting to read that "Starry Night" was painted while Van Gogh was in an insane asylum.  And, if you didn't already know, Van Gogh cut off his own ear!

The second room was a projection of a colored waterfall immersed all over the walls and floor.  It was quite cool, but I lost interest after about 5 minutes.  

The third room is where the experience was noteworthy.  It was a 35-minute loop of Van Gogh paintings that covered the ceiling, walls, and floor.  The way that the art was displayed was breathtaking.  I laid on the floor most of the time, taking it all in.  I could've spent several hours in that spot.

Ashley and Faythe

In the end, it was an interesting exhibit and I'd recommend it.  I think ticket prices are somewhat high, considering it only lasts and hour.  But, I can say I'm glad I went and experienced "The Immersive Experience".

Do you consider yourself a fan of art, notably Van Gogh? 

Have you been to the Van Gogh exhibit?  

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Life Lately - Thrift Stores and Bowling Scores

 I've gotta say, I've been keeping quite busy.  Not a lot of down time here.  And I'm super stoked that we're finally starting to get some Spring weather.  Are you over Winter as much as I am?

Our campground is having an Adult Prom in July, with me and another gal as the main coordinators.  Since it's Prom season right now, I went to the area thrift stores and started shopping for prom dresses.  I purchased two at The Crossing thrift store, but wasn't in love with them.  I ended up going to the Goodwill and found an orange satin 80s blazer and skirt ensemble that's so hideous it's cute.  The outfit  reminds me of the female version of the orange tux in Dumb & Dumber.  THEN, I went to the shoe section and found the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.  These sneakers have so much bling they can be seen a mile away.  

friend, Ali

I've been bowling twice recently with friends at both local bowling alleys.  The one is more hi-tech and usually packed buttholes to elbows.  The other is more old school and doesn't usually have a long wait time to play.  Both have great bar food.  Out of the several games I've played recently, I only broke a score of 100 once.  Doubt I get asked to join a league anytime soon.

Imani and Alec

My great-nephew, Alec, is a Senior in high school and recently participated in Mr. QHS.  It's a pageant of sorts for guy students.  I'd never heard of it or been before and was mainly going just to support Alec.  I was admittedly surprised at how much fun I had.  The 10 contestants put it all out there for talent, sportswear, formalwear, and interview questions.  Alec was escorted by my great-niece, Imani, during the formalwear portion.  He didn't win the pageant but is still a winner in my eyes.

me and Jason on a ride

Although Jason no longer works for The Crossing church, he is still an ordained pastor.  He was asked several times to fill in at a small Baptist church in Missouri, about 45 minutes away.  After hem-hawing around, he finally agreed to preach a sermon.  The church is in need of substitutes until they hire a full-time pastor after their last one retired.

About a month ago, Jason preached his sermon on "Relationship - Not Religion".  Several friends and family members of ours came to show support.  There was about as many of us as there were of them.  I suppose he did good enough because the church asked him to come back and preach again this upcoming Sunday.  His sermon will be on "Raising Disciples" and he will once again have several friends come to attend.

Speaking of Jason, this is one of the many reasons I love him.  I was craving some chicken legs on the charcoal grill and made mention of it.  Next thing I know, Jason's outside firing up the grill in the snow.

I'm not a Bachelor fan per se, but watch a season here and there.  I did get sucked into Clayton's season.  That was a total train ride on the Hot Mess Express.  If I had to take a shot every time I heard the word "Vulnerable" on The Bachelor, I'd be drunk two episodes in.  Did you watch this season?  What was your reaction?

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

PAW Patrol: Pups Save Rocket Ryder - DVD Giveaway

Even Rescue Ryder sometimes needs a little help; good thing the PAW Patrol is ready for the rescue in the brand-new DVD release, PAW Patrol: Pups Save Rescue Ryder! Available now, this DVD features 8 action packed adventures from the hit preschool series PAW Patrol, airing on Nickelodeon and produced by Spin Master Entertainment. The PAW Patrol is ready for action as they rescue Rocket Ryder, help stranded zip-liners in the jungle, round up runaway chickens, and more!

 PAW Patrol: Pups Save Rocket Ryder is on DVD Only at Walmart from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $10.99. 

 PAW Patrol: Pups Save Rocket Ryder episodes:

Pups Save Rocket Ryder

Pups Save the Dizzy Dust Express

Pups Save the Treetop Trekkers

Pups Save the Treasure Cruise

Pups Save the Bookmobile

Pups Save a Tour Bus

Pups Save Election Day

Pups Save a Runaway Rooster

 PAW Patrol: Pups Save Rocket Ryder synopsis:

PAW Patrol, to the PAW Patroller! Launch to the rescue with 8 pup-tastic adventures! First, the PAW Patrol must stop the Dizzy Dust Express, a runaway train, and find the missing passengers. Then, the pups rescue Ryder when his rocket-powered ATV goes out of control. They also rescue friends stranded in treetops during a jungle zip-lining adventure, save a treasure cruise gone awry, and so much more!

 PAW Patrol: Pups Save Rocket Ryder fast facts:

Street Date: March 1, 2022

Catalog: 191329213384 (US)

Running Time: 1 hr 38 min

Win It!

One person will win PAW Patrol: Pups Save Rocket Ryder on DVD.

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Petmate: 20% Off Cat Products

Panama, the youngest of my four cats

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Friday, March 4, 2022

Some of My Recent Amazon Prime Purchases

In the left top corner, you can see the rainbow light effect given off by the Sunset Lamp Projection Sunset Light.

A few months ago I joined several of the "Amazon Sales" FB Group pages.  It's gotten me into some trouble.  I've been buying things I never thought I needed, or even wanted!  I went pretty buck wild with it at first but have been a little more cautious about what I purchase, even if it's on sale.

I purchased this game as a birthday gift for my nephew who will be turning 6 later this month.  I'll be buying him something else as an additional gift, but not sure what yet.

I ordered this for my main bathroom, and it holds a roll of toilet paper and a succulent plant.  I think both sides are pretty witty, but I've got the "Nice Butt" side facing out for people to see.

Dauocie Womens Light in The Darkness God Print Short Sleeve T Shirt Novelty Christian Graphic Tees Tops

I ordered this shirt because I'm a fan of tye-dye and I like that this includes lyrics to one of my favorite songs.

Sunset Lamp Projection Sunset Light

I didn't realize how small this would be when I received it but have to admit that it does give off a good rainbow hue.  We are having an adult prom at the campground in July and I will be putting this in a corner for cool added lighting effect.

Coleman Scented Citronella Candle with Wooden Crackle Wick - 6 oz Tin

Because I enjoy camping, I thought this candle would be nice to have out when we have friends together.  It's supposed to emit a crackling fire sound when lit.

Kids Cooking and Baking Set - 25Pcs Kids Chef Role Play

I actually ordered two of these, one for my house and one for a child's gift.  I have a lot of kitchen set playware in my home and this was a fun addition.

That's just a small grouping of things I've ordered.  Have you purchased anything from Amazon recently?