Thursday, April 14, 2022

Life Lately - National TC Week and Camping Opener

 I definitely can't say I've been bored.  Life's been busy lately, but in a good way...mostly.

shower area just outside the float chamber

Still Waters Float Center held a FB giveaway in February and I was one of the winners for a float session.  I did it once before, almost a year ago and was pumped to do it again.  The second time around went much better than the first since I had more of an idea on how to relax and let myself go.

Floating consists of stepping inside a chamber into a large tub filled with water and Epsom Salt.  The salt allows your body to be buoyant and lay atop the water.  A darkened room with twinkling lights and meditative music allow your mind to meditate and relax...completely nekkid.  It's not something I'd do regularly but will definitely go back for another session in the next few months.

Have you ever done a float session?

inside the float chamber


These vehicles resembling CARS characters are part of the campground decor.

Camping season has officially opened for Woodyz Acres.  A lot of our weekends will be spent there for the next few months.  Myself and three other gals are in charge of Activities this year and have several fun things planned for the kids and adults.

I said Yes to This Dress!

Speaking of campground activities, one event we have planned for July is an Adult Prom.  I know it's still months away but I'd been shopping for a dress since March.  Since it's Prom Season now, a lot of secondhand shops have their dresses out for sale.  

I went to The Crossing Thrift Store in town and purchased two dresses because I couldn't decide on which one I wanted.  Then I went to the Goodwill and bought one I liked better.  After all that purchasing, I ended up finding "The One" in my sister's closet.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the other three now, but I'm sure someone in the campground could use them.

front of tumbler

This week is National TC week to recognize all 9-1-1 Dispatchers and Telecommunicators.  We've been blessed so far with food and treats everyday.  The police, sheriff, and ambulance departments have all brought in goodies.  A fellow co-worker made each employee a tumbler with personalized with our names.  It feels nice to be appreciated, if only once a  year.

back of tumbler
"Everyone Goes Home"


I won two tickets from a local radio station on FB for the Quincy Community Theater's production of MAME.  My friend, Ali, went with.  MAME is a musical based upon a 1955 novel.  The first half hour of the show started off slow, but the last 1.5 hour of the production was quite impressive.  The cast and crew did a great job.

Jason and David, part of my "support team"

Late March I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy (i.e. up the butt and down the throat) due to nausea, rapid weight loss, and vomiting.  Results show I have an acute inflamed stomach and ulcers.  Not much can be done about it except to let it run its course for however many more months, and take Zofran.  On the plus side, I've lost 20+ pounds.

The day before consisted of drinking a ton of Gatorade mixed with Miralax and Dulcolax.  As you can guess, much of my time was spent on the porcelain throne.  But I had the best support team of friends who spent the day with me to make sure "everything came out all right".  

Bruise on my arm several days later from the IV

My grandson, Waylon, is 6 1/2 months old now.  I spent part of yesterday visiting with him.  His sweet smile and loud squeals melt my heart.  Speaking of grandsons, Logan and his lady will be having my third grandson in early July.  I'm in the planning stages of a baby shower.  Their baby room will have a Noah's Ark theme.

Logan stopped by a couple weeks ago with the granddog, Winston.  Little guy got to take his first bath at my house after he found a pile of poo to play in.

So, tell me, how have you been?


JJAY100 said...

That chamber looks like fun

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I want to go in a float chamber. I have never heard of them but they sound cool. I love that you said yes to the dress.

Theresa Mahoney said...

You've definitely been busy! We did a float chamber right before covid. Can't say I loved it though. I like my water hot enough to melt my skin off, so I was floating there cold. Then I was bored and was ready to get out after about 10 minutes lol. Glad you were able to relax and enjoy yourself though!

mail4rosey said...

Congrats on the baby news!! Glad you got appreciated. We get it too, for Teacher Appreciation Week when that gets here. Your granddog is a cutie. :)