Thursday, June 16, 2022

Weekends at Woodyz Acres

Camp yard that's been "flocked"

As most of you already know, I spend most of my weekends at Woodyz Acres RV Park & Campground from April to November.  We have a permanent campsite and our camper stays there year-round.  This is our third year camping there.  

David cooking Reuben sandwiches on the Blackstone

This year I've missed a couple of weekends due to vacay and illness, but it's already had its fair share of fun, food, trail rides, Bingo, Cornhole, and lots more.  There's a large group of us (that seems to keep growing and growing) that get together every Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday night for food.  There's always at least 25 of us stuffing our faces during each meal.  Between the Blackstone, gas grill, smoker, and charcoal grill we've got ample ways to cook.

camper selfie

This year, I've become the "official" Bingo Caller every Saturday afternoon.  I've also joined forces with a few other girls to plan activities for each weekend.  If we're not busy with all that, we usually get together to play Left Right Center, ride the trails, or drink a few cocktails.

Our Bingo system may be old-fashioned but it gets the job done.

To help raise money for activities this year, we've started "flocking" people's yards with flamingos.  In order to have the pests removed, people have to pay a donation.  They then get to decide whose site gets flocked next.

Kids are not left out on the fun.  Every Saturday is a Candy Bar Bingo and a movie at night on an outdoor screen.  There's also a pool that's quite popular.  A couple weekends ago, adults and kids got together for a cardboard car game.  Each person had their own cardboard box and had to decorate it at each pit stop with wheels, taillights, and other car parts.  It's nice to see the kids out and about on their bikes, fishing, or actually communicating with each other rather than have their heads in some device.  As I've always said, "A little dirt never hurt!"

one of the adults in his cardboard car

So far, there's been one band play this year.  I can't remember the name of the guys (and wouldn't call them out publicly if I did) but they were baaaad.  I wanted to stab my ears with a pencil just to make it stop.  It's great and grand that they knew how to play an instrument but a guitar and drum solo can go on for only so long.  

our Side X Side needs its own car wash

I can't say there's not a fair share of drama from time to time.  There's a couple old campground friends that are hell-bent on tattling on me and Jason if we fart wrong.  I'm surprised they want to put so much energy into their lives to try to make ours miserable.  It's not working out much for them, by the way.

eggs, sausage links, sausage patties, and seasoned potatoes for breakfast

We've got a few more months of camping left for the season and I'm excited to see what's ahead!


mail4rosey said...

Camping holds such great memories for me. We went a lot as a kid. Everything sounds nice (except for the tattle tales...there's always one or two trying to spoil things, but phooey to 'em). Hope you have a lot more fun there this summer. Every summer!