Friday, July 22, 2022

Can We Be Adults About This?

I quit worrying about cleaning it.  The darn thing gets muddy almost every weekend.

Our RZR has a notorious reputation in the campground.  The super loud exhaust gives it away every time.  Last year we got in a bit of trouble with it for having it out on the trails past the quiet time of 10 pm (too early, If I say!).  This year Jason made a promise that he'd behave and have it parked by 10 every night.

Me and Jason, thinking we were sly.

One weekend this year, while I was away on vacay with a friend, Jason had it out past quiet hours.  BUT only because the owners wanted him to look in the woods for the keys to their Side X Side.  Of course, the complaints came in.  Although the owners took the blame for the incident, Jason still got a verbal slap on the wrist.

Several weekends later Kasi, one of the owners, came by and we started talking about the incident.  Then she threw out the words "Can't we be adults about this?"  I about flipped my lid.  She and I had a conversation that rivaled the noise level of the RZR's exhaust. 

Front of Kasi's shirt

After some deep breaths and thinking it through, we all came out better in the end for it.  To make a mockery of the situation, Jason and I came up with the bright idea to have custom shirts made from a fellow campground gal with "Can We Be Adults About This?" and a picture of our RZR.  

back of Kasi's shirt

Because nobody can keep their mouths shut, Kasi caught wind of what we were doing.  That heifer done went and had her own shirt made.  While she was my partner playing cornhole, she showed up in her custom shirt.  Nice play, Kasi, nice play!


jjmon2012 said...

I know NOTHING about RZR so I have a question. Can the super loud exhaust be fixed so you all could go out late in the evenings when you want to. Or is it to expensive or do you all just like the loud noise.

Heather! said...

Your stories make me want to come camp there at Woodyz Acres! I promise, I'd be an adult about everything!

Julie Waldron said...

I think it would be fun to camp like that but my husband has no interest in it.