Monday, October 3, 2022

Got Roped Into A Reptile Demonstration

Jason and I attended Quincy's Folk Life Festival on Saturday.  It was a free gathering at the museum featuring wood carvers, blacksmiths, games and face paintings for kids, food from local vendors, emergency services demonstrations, and more.  

Jason and I walked around the area, then went into the museum for a tour.  When done, we decided to walk the grounds again.  It was then that he and I, along with another guy, got roped into a reptile demonstrations.  Gary (locally known as Snake Man) was there with several of his reptiles, bearded dragons, and tarantulas.  I was among the crowd, just wanting to check out the specimens when I was quickly volunteered to help hold a giant Albino Burmese Python.  I sure wasn't getting anywhere near the head but agreed to take the tail end.

Snake Man's facial expression on the right is kind of worrisome!

This particular snake is six years old and will double in size and length once she reaches adulthood.  She weighs almost 200 pounds, with silky soft scales.  She eats one medium-sized rabbit every two weeks and could go two years without food if needed.

Having her hang on my neck wasn't so bad, minus the bearing weight.  Then the sun came out....and she got restless!   Muscles started moving and weight started shifting.  I didn't get a picture on my phone (but plenty of strangers did!) of her tail completely wrapped around my right leg and the tip resting right on my lady bits.  That snake got to second base with me!

To top it off,  her muscles contracted so much that I was smooshed against Jason's back with my face planted into it.  I was pretty much stuck. 

After holding this giant snake for half an hour, I had to tap out.  A lady offered me her hand so I could use it for balance and two other gals had to dig into my crotch to tear the snake away from me.  Would I do it again?  Sure, why not!