Monday, November 7, 2022

Creating Autumn Craft Decor

The second floral arrangement I made

 I wouldn't consider myself to be crafty by any stretch of the imagination.  I need simple, easy ideas and instructions.  My sister, however, can make a castle out of a bread box.  And she's a pretty good teacher at how to get things done.  

The first floral arrangement I made

Last Saturday and Sunday I hung out at her house to make Autumn decor with her craft pieces.  As a side note, my sister has an addictive personality and goes ALL OUT when it comes to her hobbies/purchases.  I can't tell you the amount of diamond paintings, adult coloring books, buttons, leggings, pearl jewelry that girl owns.  As a plus for me, I get to come over and craft with her without spending a dime of my own.  I can't complain about the quality time with family either.

arrangement made by my sister that she gave to me

Between all the decor she already has and the ones she's created, my sister's house looks like Autumn threw up in every nook and cranny.  I also now have a few pieces that we created in my home, adding festive touches.

Traci and I decorated this wreath and hung it on her front door

Once Thanksgiving is over, we'll be hard-working elves creating pieces for Christmas.

a kid's Thanksgiving craft I made into a magnet

We even got my great-nieces and nephew in on the fun and let them color wooden Thanksgiving pieces.

Do you decorate for Autumn?
Would you consider yourself a crafty person?


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