All About Me & Mine

Heck Of A Bunch, a play off my last name, has been a seven year journey and is still going strong.  I am Terra, author of this blog, and am married with a blended family of six teens and up.  The kids are guys and gals, ranging from 22 to 14.  There's also a dog and a cat, making us the modern-day Brady Bunch (minus the maid). 

My other full-time job, besides blogging, is working as a 9-1-1 Telecommunicator.  I take calls from the public and dispatch the appropriate fire, sheriff, EMS, or police agency.  It's been over twelve years in that field.  Yes, it's crazy and yes, I love it.

My blog doesn't fit one particular niche.  I blog about whatever, whenever.  The topics range from parenting tips and product reviews and giveaways to family ramblings and discounts and deals.  It's a "Heck" of a hodgepodge!

I love hearing from my readers and don't mind being pitched by companies.  You may contact me at partymix25(at)Hotmail(dot)com.