Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog Hop - Christmas Ornaments

This week's blog hop theme is "Christmas Ornaments". To participate, show a pic and/or tell a story behind your favorite Christmas ornament.

Every year my tree is decked out in ornaments. Almost no branch is left unadorned. My ornaments aren't fancy nor are they expensive, but they're all special. I do not have a particular theme when decorating my tree. My most favorite ornaments are the ones that are handmade and crafted with love.
This tree ornament was made by my mother. She cross-stitched a lot of ornaments that year and gave them to her kids and grandkids to hang on the trees.

My youngest son bought this ornament at a craft show last weekend. He was so happy he got to add another ornament to the tree.

This ornament was made a few years ago by one of the kids. A lot of ornaments of this style were made, as it was easy for the kids to do. We took lids from cans that had smooth edges and glued pictures from magazines on it. We then adorned it with lace and embellishments.

One year the kids made ornament like this out of popsicle sticks, pipe cleaner, and glitter. They added photos of themselves.

Do you have a favorite ornament? Is your tree centered around a theme or is it eclectic?

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GrannyKaren said...

I love all the ornaments especially the one your mother made for you. Have a great Christmas.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

ohhh how cute and the homemade kid ones are my all time fav ;)