Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Hop - Christmas Pics

This week's blog hop theme is "Christmas Pics". Here are some pics I took on Christmas Eve when the family got together at my sister's house to celebrate. We ate a large meal, exchanged gifts, and played games. Good thing my sister has a large house because there were over 30 of us there.

This is my sister's tree with some of the presents for the day surrounding it. I didn't think we'd ever be done passing out presents. On Thanksgiving we drew names and bought a gift for whose name we drew. Some people bought extras as well to give to loved ones.

This is three of my kids patiently waiting to open their gifts.

This is my teenage daughter and my niece by marriage.

The adults and teenagers played a White Elephant game. It was the first time for us to do it. My niece read The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and we had to pass the presents left or right when certain words were read. There was lots of laughter when the presents were opened. Some of the gifts included used car parts, toilet paper, a broken angel tree topper, used candles, and a Barbie doll. The younger kids got to play a game too where they drew numbers and took turns picking out gifts. Their gifts were new though and they were able to play with them.

My nephew's White Elephant gift he received was a breast pump. After all the time he took figuring out how it operates, he should know how a child is breastfed and fully appreciate all new mothers!

This picture was taken the day after Christmas. My boys built a gingerbread house while they were at their dad's and brought it back to show me. They did a good job for their first time crafting one.

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