Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Growing Tree Toys - Review & Discount Code

With the holiday season upon us I am on the search for educational toys, toys that spark imagination, and toys that will be played with beyond a couple of days. Growing Tree Toys has so many things that would make great gifts for my kids and little ones in the family.

Every day Growing Tree Toys offers a Deal of the Day where they feature one toy at a discounted price until it sells out. The item for Deal of the Day changes daily. You can sign up to get notices on the Deal of the Day as soon as it is available.

When visiting a site for any purchase, I like to get a good grasp of what it is that I may be buying. I want to know the ins and outs of that particular product. The good thing about Growing Tree Toys is that each toy sold is described at great length. For instance, I can find out what the developmental benefits are for each toy, see product ratings, and know the specific features.

For instance, both of my boys are interested in knights and castles. There are 8 pages of toys just in that category alone. I could get a whole collection of this and they'd be set.

I received the Blast Pad for review. When I got it I immediately thought of my boys and how they'd have so much fun with it. Lo and behold, the girls wanted in on the action too. With the Blast Pad, the kids are able to blast missles into the air by simply hopping onto the launch pad. We set the Blast Pad in an area free of trees and other things the missles may hit and the kids took turns watching the missles soar as they jumped on the launch pad. The missles only launch in the vertical position so that made it easier to keep an eye on where they were headed. It is an interactive toy that lets the kids unleash their energy.
The weather has been fairly decent here so the kids have been taking their Blast Pad outside to play. Being that it is an outdoor toy, they will not be able to play it when the weather turns for the worse. I recommend using common sense and not placing the Blast Pad in an area where the missles could possibly get easily lost or stuck in something.
The kids can't wait until camping season to take the Blast Pad to the campground with them. There is an open field near our camper and they're already imagining all the fun they'll have launching the missles there.

Discount Code: Order from Growing Tree Toys before December 17th and use redemption code TNTRVX to receive 15% off your order. Simply enter the redemption code on the last page of checkout, click the arrow, and you will receive your discount.

I received the Blast Pad for review. The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way. Please do your own research before purchasing products.


Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

The blast pad is a BLAST! My daughter received one for Christmas last year and I think that was the toy she played with the most. When her cousins come over, they always ask if they can play with it!We take ours camping too!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

So glad the boys can log on or I would be in big trouble this Christmas. Too Cool, love it my dear!