Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Can I Wrap Yours?

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One of my favorite parts about Christmas is the wrapping of the presents. I absolutely love wrapping. It's a form of relaxation for me. Sure beats shelling out moolah for therapy. Stick me in a corner for hours with paper, scissors, and tape and I'm happy as a lark. Unless absolutely necessary, I will not stick a present in a bag. I want to see others rip through the paper.

Thankfully, my family enables my quirk and they are more than willing to let me wrap presents for them as well. My sister buys a toy store worth for her kids and grandkids. She then calls me over and I go to her house armed and ready like an elf in a workshop. My mother despises wrapping and the presents would all be stuck in a grocery bag if it were up to her. Lucky for her recipients, I save the day by taking her presents and wrapping them up all nice and neat.

Me, my husband, and five of the kids gathered in the car Friday night to see the Avenue of Lights. There are over two miles of holiday scenery, and it is absolutely beautiful. I am amazed at all the hard work that goes into it and how breathtaking the lights are. Unfortunately, my camera batteries decided to go dead so I did not get any pictures. My oldest daughter almost birthed a cow when she found out we went without her, so I guess we'll be going again. She spent the day with her cousin shopping and I guess she still thought it wasn't fair that the other kids got to go without her. Life isn't fair honey! But I'll take her to see the lights because they're worth seeing a second time. That, and I had already told her earlier in the month that I'd take her.

I went into the grocery store the other day and made some purchases. I got the receipt and an extra piece of paper from the sales lady for $3 off gas at select gas stations. No restrictions. Now that's what I call savings. I can get a whole gallon of gas for free! I know where I'll continue doing my grocery shopping at.

The winter season and I both have something in agreement .....we both hate each other! Bring on the next season please.


Robin said...

I love wrapping presents too. I was brought up to be so. My parents insisted that any gift we gave anyone must be wrapped....and wrapped beyond your basic paper, tape and sticky bow. Matter of fact, sticky bows were not allowed in our home. The gifts wrapped by my parents were fabulously wrapped......beyond department store wrapping....and all six of us kids followed suit, always trying to out do the other. Gifts under the tree (and beyond) were always wrapped so well that you didn't want to unwrap it.....but we did. :-)
I didn't carry on the tradition with my own children, demanding they wrap "up" their gifts but I insisted that it should always be wrapped by them, the best they can. I still wrap my gifts up fancy...it's just so well planted.
"The wrapping is as important as the gift inside....if not more so. It is a reflection on your self and how you feel about the person you are gifting."

Have a beautiful day....

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

I dream of beautifully coordinated wrapped gifts. Big fancy bows and ribbon. But it never happens. One year...one year I will get to it!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Too funny, I'm the wrapper too. I'm so crazy about it I even busted out the double stick tape so there are no tape marks seen .. LOL :)