Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - I've Gone Overboard


I keep a notebook of what items I've bought for Christmas and who they're for. With six kids and a large family to spend my money on, it's imperative that I write it all down. After reviewing the list last night I came to the realization that I went overboard on the kids' gifts. Not one of them better complain about what they get or there will be a box of coal and mouse turds awaiting them next year.

I blame it on the holiday sales. I get email after email with sale announcements and I'm lured in. The buys are too great to pass up, or so my mind says. I will say that I'm quite pleased with how much I've gotten for the price I've paid. Why can't the sales be this good all year long?!

I'll never take my husband shopping with me again. We went to Kmart together the other day and he chose his own Christmas present......and took it home.....and let me wrap it......and coerced me into giving it to him........and played with it like a giddy boy. He got an Air Hogs remote controlled helicopter. It was on sale for $21.99. See, the sale sign lured us in. It is quite a neat toy, but he has yet to master the controls. It flies in the air for a while, then it's Black Hawk Down as it comes tumbling to the ground. It's fun for us to watch it buzz through the air and it's fun for him to try to attack us with it.

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Design it Chic said...

boy.. i didn't even started on the Christmas shopping.. darn it i need to pull myself together, right?:)
Oh and that helicopter sounds like something my husband would like:)hmmm
Happy Tuesday!

* my Random Tuesday Thoughts are up too:)

Shandal said...

I'm happy to say that I'm DONE with our Christmas shopping! Woohoo! Happy RTT!

Miss Angie said...

Visiting from Keely's for RTT! Crazy helocopter husband!

Kristin said...

They are addicting aren't they. It's strategy. People spend more when they think they're saving money. Savvy. Ah ha

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I did the same with Black Friday Deals! I was so bad, but then I looked at what we saved and I was really impressed, plus Christmas shopping is over!