Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have A Healthy Trick-Or-Treat Experience

Are you as excited about Halloween as I am? I'm ready to take the younger kids trick-or-treating and maybe go to a couple haunted houses. Going through the treats and sorting out all the goodies is part of the fun. But common sense should still come into play and healthy eating habits should still be followed, even during this time.

Nutritionist and registered dietician Mary Gocke from the Center for Health and Healing in New York warns against feeding kids too much candy as overconsumption of sugar can lead to decreased immune function, mood swings, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Mary suggests the following tips for parents to make sure their kids enjoy Halloween without suffering from the effects of too much sugar:

· Have a Big Dinner – Make sure your kids have a healthy dinner before going out trick or treating. Being full means they’ll be less likely to gorge on candy later that night.

· Nuts and Cheese – Keeping tasty treats such as almonds and string cheese handy and make sure your kids snack on these low-glycemic foods throughout the night; It'll help lower their blood sugar.

· Drink water – Water not only helps wash away the sugar from the teeth and help avoid cavities, but it also helps combat blood sugar levels.

· Avoid sticky candies – These sweets linger longer on your teeth and increase the risk for cavities.

· Try these instead! - Plain chocolate bars (especially if they contain at least 65% cocoa), Sweet Tarts, Smarties and Pixy Sticks are better for your teeth.

What tips do you have for a healthy trick-or-treat experience?

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Johnnie said...

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Tree said...

Great tips! I do many of these regularly, but am terrible when it comes to the holidays. LOL

Thanks for stopping by for the All Hallows Eve blog hop and following! I'm returning the "follow" luv! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great tips. I let the kids eat one thing before bed that's it. I'm such a mean mama lol. Have a great night:)

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

mood swings, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

And here I thought that was my teenager being a teenager HEHE

Momstart said...

This is a good list of tips for Halloween.

Tiffany Christie said...

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Busy Working Mama said...

We're finally trick or treating for the first time with Lily. I'm so excited...but I have no tips :) Maybe I'll think of some after tonight's experience!