Monday, February 10, 2014

Could You Take the "No Phone Challenge"? - #nophone

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Have you ever felt that moment of sheer panic when you can’t find your mobile phone? You immediately start thinking through what you would do if you couldn’t find it. After all, your phone is your lifeline to the people you love, information you need, social media you must check and the maps you need to tell you where you’re going. Your phone provides constant access that not only helps keep us safer, but also enables unlimited efficiencies in our lives that we tend to take for granted, until you don’t have it.

U.S. Cellular is partnering with comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff to create the “U.S. Cellular No Phone Challenge,” a social experiment to see what happens when an avid mobile phone user goes an entire week without their device. Malkoff, who is noted for such challenges as living in a furniture store for a week or spending 48 hours handcuffed to his wife, is spending seven days, February 5 through 11, going through his daily routine without being able to use his mobile phone. U.S. Cellular also challenges Americans to spend up to one week without their mobile phone and to share how it affects their routine and personal relationships on Twitter page by using the hashtag “#nophone.”

I lead a fairly busy life and am not sure I could go a day without my phone. I'm not so sure I'd be able to take the "No Phone Challenge". I have no problem disconnecting from mobile devices and social media when the time calls for it, but I have six kids and a husband who keep in contact frequently with me via cell phone. I also want the option to be able to call out or text if I want. I receive notifications often about roller derby, small group, school closings (and there's been a lot recently!), grocery specials, and more. I rely on those notifications most to help schedule where I need to be and when.

I've been following Malkoff's "No Phone Challenge and give him huge kudos for taking such a challenge. Having mobile devices at our dispotal help us communicate more frequently, share experiences immediately, and generally enrich the quality of our relationships. Mark takes a humorous approach to how all that isn't so easy without a mobile device. My favorite is Day Four where Mark uses a bullhorn to pronounce live status updates in Times Square. You can follow Malkoff's "No Phone Challenge" at,, and

It’s easy to take your mobile phone for granted when you are covered by U.S. Cellular. U.S. Cellular knows that having an unreliable network, one that doesn’t cover you where you work, live and play, is almost as bad as not having your phone at all. With nearly half of Americans pledging to communicate more often with family and friends in 2014, mobile phones will prove to be essential for those looking to create better moments with those they care about. So essential in fact, that one in five smartphone owners would rather live without food and water than their mobile devices, according to a recent U.S. Cellular survey. The survey found 76 percent of smartphone users would rather live without chocolate, while 69 percent would rather live without caffeine. Whether at home or on-the-go, U.S. Cellular is providing the tools needed to help consumers create, discover, enhance and share life’s Better Moments with their families.

Do you think you could take the "No Phone Challenge"? What daily tasks would be more difficult without your phone? Who might you not be able to communicate with?

Footnote: Between November 15 - December 2, 2013, 500 nationally representative online interviews were conducted among smartphone users in partnership with Martiz Research.


Masshole Mommy said...

I wouldn't even consider going an hour without my phone let alone a week. That's crazy talk.

Unknown said...

I don't think I could do it! All my appointments are in my phone, reminders, grocery list (thanks to the evernote app), addresses, and phone numbers! I wish I could disconnect from technology but I think it would be extremely difficult.

VickieC said...

I dont have a land line anymore an with 13 grandchildren an grown kids I cant do without my phone,an hope I never have too

VickieC said...

I dont have a land line anymore an with 13 grandchildren an grown kids I cant do without my phone,an hope I never have too

Anonymous said...

Seriously kudos to Malkoff for taking this challenge. I should really use my phone way less, but always excuse myself with a valid reason (my blog, my job, my mum, ...) for overdoing it.

Glad to find your blog through SITS comment marathon!

Creative K Kids said...

I wonder if his wife (if he has one)is keeping hers to keep the family straight that week. I actually don't have a cell phone as I'm in the house with 5 kids most of the time and it is cheaper for us to do Magic Jack==I couldn't do without my computer though. Same idea! (not unless I had a week of posts ready to go!) I'm coming by from #SitsBlogging!

Unknown said...

I probably won't be able to...when I leave my phone at home, I usually feel less productive haha
Tosin AK via SITSBlogging