Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love2Love - Fragrance Review

I received products for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

I like to experiement with different fragrances. Some just aren't my style and then there's those that make me want to flare my nostrils for another smell. I'm more into girly scents and like fragrances that are noticeable. Long-lasting and noticed by others are strong suits that make a fragrance favorable for me.

I was able to experience one of the four scents from the Love2Love fragrance line, available only at Walmart stores and Walmart.com. I don't normally shop Walmart so that's kind of a downer for me, but I do have a good impression of Love2Love.

The Love2Love collection is enclosed in feminine and sophisticated flacons with juice that is tinted in soft shades of pink, green, lavender and orange. The white flowers on the front of the cartons and on the bottles were incorporated to capture the spirit of the unique floral notes in each scent. The colorful packaging is designed to appeal to every woman’s inner romantic. Each fragrance is available in an EDT ($9.98/3.4 fl. Oz) and Body Mist ($6.98/8.0 fl. oz.).
I can't vouch for all the scents but I do like the one I was able to try, Fresh Rose + Peach. This particular fragrance has top, middle and base notes but the most noticeable are definitely rose and peach. It's what you'd imagine a peachy rose would smell like. The fragrance is prominent but not overpowering. The EDT seems to leave a more lasting scent.

I like the pretty colors of the pink packaging and that there's the option to smell the fragrance from the packaging and bottles before purchasing it. I tend to use the body mist after roller derby practices or when I need a quick spritz. The EDT, for me, is more often used for when I'm going out somewhere. I like the design of both bottles but the EDT has a more sophisticated feminine look.

Have you seen or tried the new Love2Love fragrance line?


Masshole Mommy said...

This sounds nice. I will have to look for it when I am out & about so I can smell it.

Mary said...

I like softer fragrances and I love that these have a guide.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Never tried but sounds like one I may have to give a try :)

mail4rosey said...

I haven't heard of it until now, but the bottles are so pretty that I am going to hunt it down. I can't wait to smell it!

Unknown said...

I'm deathly allergic to fragrances so I get them for my sister and live vicariously through her. I just can't be around her immediately after she puts it on or I stop breathing.

VickieC said...

im sure my 14 yr old granddaughter would love this