Friday, March 28, 2014

DRDC Trivia Night

Last Friday night the roller derby team hosted a Trivia Night. Rather than work the event, I got a team together and played. It was my first time for playing at an "official" trivia event. Me, my oldest daughter, my husband, my supervisor and his lady made up the Quincy Quizzers.

Several categories were covered, with some including Roller Derby, Famous Nicknames, Viral Videos (I hated that one!), 80s movies, and more. If it would've been a test I was taking on my own I would've failed miserably. But collectively, my team did an alright job. We earned 5th place out of eight teams. Not good, but not bad.

I have no idea who those guys were but they had my kind of refreshments. Jagermeister and Red Bull. What more could a person want?! I held restraint and didn't stalk them for a drink.

Unicorn Massacre was the winning team. Monies raised from the event go towards our roller derby team to donate to charities. Although my Super Brain didn't hold full power that night, my husband did win a steel roller skate painted in black.
Have you ever played at a Trivia Night event? What categories do you fare well in?


Masshole Mommy said...

I am not sure how it is there, but where I live a lot of bars/restaurants host weekly trivia nights. Chris and I go every once in a while. I am good in music and pop culture and he's good at political and business stuff.

Unknown said...

My good friend hosts trivia at a pizza place nearby weekly but I'm SO terrible at it so I'm always making excuses why I can't go.

ababe28 said... are so funny! I love your pics!
Ann B.