Wednesday, April 9, 2014

God's Not Dead - Movie Review

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Last Friday Jason and I, along with his boss and wife, went to the theater for a viewing of God's Not Dead. The movie originally wasn't aired to play in our market, but became available after much demand. Playing in theaters now, God's Not Dead tells of a college student who finds his Christian faith challenged in Philosophy class by his professor. Josh, the student, is assigned the task of proving "God's Not Dead".

I myself am a Christian and have no qualms in letting others know who my higher power is. I will admit, though, that the situation Josh faces in the movie is a very daunting task and one that I'm not so sure I could carry through with as much faith as he did. The arguments he gives for the reasons for why God's Not Dead are very thought-provoking. I wouldn't say the acting is real high calibur, but the storyline is.

I'd like to say this movie would cause non-believers to leave the theater with a much stronger understanding of God, but I don't know that it has that much pull to do so (Although that would be my hope). But 'God's Not Dead' has become a sweeping motivation for Christians and I think it's a powerful influence.

Have you seen God's Not Dead in theaters yet? Do you plan on watching it?