Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plan Change In My Roller Derby Game

This is one of  a few practice shirts.  My number is actually 9-1-1, as in the emergency call number but a dot came off so now it looks like 91.1, a radio station.

As many of you know, I signed up and joined the roller derby team in late October. It's been brutal and way harder than I expected. Shin splints were a big part of the problem. And just when I got that taken care of, I was still a little behind. Soooo, I haven't quit. But I have semi-sort downgraded. I'm now a referee for the team.

I no longer get the "glory" of being a derby girl but a lot still stays the same. I still have to put in a lot of time and practice. I'm still on the team and still get my stage name. I still get a lot of skate time (referees also have to be on skates during bouts). The physical contact of hitting, shoving, and pushing is the major thing I won't be a part of anymore.

Because I came in as a referree in the middle of it all, I have to play catch-up and learn every aspect of every rule real quick and in a hurry. I've got quite a bit down pat, but still have a lot to learn. I am much more comfortable being a referee at this point in the game. It's still physically and mentally challenging, but in a differrent way than if I was a derby girl.

On another derby note, I got my first injury a couple weeks ago. Fell right on my ankle and sprained it while doing the (appropriately named) Satan's Mattress drill. Luckily, it was a minor sprain and I was clear two days later. Another girl didn't get so lucky the same day. She also jacked her ankle, but she's out for three months.

Last Sunday the derby team volunteered at a benefit for a two year old boy who has a brain tumor. It was a humbling experience that I was proud to be a part of. Yesterday was the commercial shoot for the derby team, which will air on the local television stations.

I have finally found my calling on the roller derby team and am much more comfortable being a referee (also known as a Zeeb). The first bout is May 10th and I'm stoked to be in the middle giving out the calls.
This is one of my jerseys.  Thankfully, I'll only wear it a couple of times.  I ordered a size up from what I normally wear and it's still skin tight.  The other jersey is on order.  Hopefully it covers my muffin top.


Masshole Mommy said...

Congrats on the new position. I am glad you finally found your spot on the team!

mail4rosey said...

Referee is a great place to be. Congrats on the position!