Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Roller Derby and Bullies

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It's shorts one day and winter coats the next. Windows open one day and heat on the next. Yep, it's the midwest weather!

I went with my hubby Saturday to a drag strip in Havana for test and tune on his car. Drag racing isn't necessarily my thing but he supports my hobbies so it's only right I support his. His car was consistent and ran the fastest it ever has.

Saturday night we attended a roller derby bout for an out-of-town team. It was their first official bout. Several girls from our derby team went and supported them. One thing I really like about roller derby is that we are beasts on the track and won't give a second thought to hitting and knocking around someone from the other team. But, once the bout is over, we're all good and support each other. Unlike other sports photos, there's not a winning team photo taken at the end. It's both teams together, lookin' like one great big happy family.
I didn't pose for any photos but a few of the girls from my team who came to support did. Havoc Moon, Suzannthrax, and Nancy KillAgain are DRDC veterans.

My momma madness almost stepped in the other day. A couple of boys were picking on my son, Logan, and snapping rubber bands at his eye while teacher was out of the room. These boys have been giving Logan grief for a while now but he won't do anything for fear of not being able to participate in sports (crazy reason, but it's logical to him). The teacher walked back in the room and noticed what was going on, and immediately treated it like a bully situation. The boys were given two days school suspension and made to talk to the school cop. Kudos to the teacher for handling it so well. Also big kudos to my other son, Adam, who stood up for Logan when kids started talking about the situation and saying that Logan is just a big wuss. Adam swiftly told them that he'd lay down $100 to any kid that thought they could take on Logan. Just because Logan won't fight doesn't mean he can't. It's very rare but I've seen his wrath of fury. I don't condone fighting and my kids know I'll lay down the law if they're bullies, but if there comes a day that Logan decides to take on the bullies with a Roundhouse Kick to the gonads, I'll have his back.

Happy Random Tuesday Thoughts!


Masshole Mommy said...

I've been wanting to check out our Boston derby team and I will one of these days.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Roller Derby? You ROCK!! :)

The weather sure hasn't been very cooperative, has it?

SO glad the teacher saw what was going on - they really were being bullies, glad they ended up suspended, hopefully they learn their lesson! And I LOVE that Adam stood up for him, too. Mama, you've done good. :)