Sunday, May 4, 2014

DRDC at Dogwood Parade

Saturday was our town's annual Dogwood Festival parade. It's somewhat large, with over 125 entries. Entrants in the parade go down a street for 31 blocks. I've attended the parade several times in the past but have never been in it. This year, me and a few from the DRDC team skated in the parade.
Al B. Hatin

Me and hubby, Jason
Jason was kind enough to loan his truck for kids to ride on and throw out candy. And boy, did it require a lot of candy!

Lil Smashskull and Lickity Snippit

Roseanne Scarr with her family

Me all geared up

By the end of the route, my feet were burnin' and blistered but I'm not complaining because I'd do it all over again.

Does your town hold parades? What's your favorite part of parades to watch?


Masshole Mommy said...

We have a few small parades and a huge one on July 4th.