Friday, May 30, 2014

Juliann's 8th Grade Graduation

Juliann graduated from 8th grade last week, with her father and I in attendance.  She graduated from Blessed Sacrament, a private Catholic school.

Being of a blended family with six kids, things are a little more complex. One of those complexities involves schooling and church. My two oldest step-daughters are cradle Catholics while the rest of us are of a different Christian faith. I don't knock it; it's just different.

Juliann's graduating class was rather small, with only 26 students.  It was held at the church with a full Mass beforehand. and a small reception afterwards.  

Juliann has worked hard in her school studies and I know she'll do quite well in her high school years.


Helga said...

Congratulations! I am a convert to Catholicism so I support kids going to good Catholic schools.