Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wordful Wednesday - Memorial Day Saturday

After five years of camping on weekends at Whispering Oaks, we sold our camper about a month ago. It was time to move on, and we're busy with other responsibilities on weekends. However, my sister graciously offered us up one of her campsites (she has two) to stay on Saturday.

Going back after some time off I thought I'd be all nostalgic and miss camping there. That wasn't the case.

Although I don't see a problem with going once in a while, I don't miss the place as much as I thought I would. Had a good time while I stayed on Saturday, so can't complain there.

We started out with a carry-in dinner with enough food to stuff my face and regret it afterwards.

Laura, me, my sister, and Kim. No surprise, my hubs photobombed the pic.

It was good to see friends and family, hang with them and catch up.

Later in the evening a local band, Raised on Radio, rocked it out with live music. The food was good, the music was great, and the debauchery was fun.

Did you go camping or attend any events for Memorial Day weekend?


Masshole Mommy said...

Hahahahahaha, that is an awesome photobomb!