Friday, June 20, 2014

All Smarts Aside, I Took the Truck For A Ride

Last Friday I put on my big girl panties and participated in Tough Trucks during the Monster Truck show at the local raceaways. The Tough Trucks part of the event is where local drivers bring out their rides and take them to the track, doing doughnuts and going over high jumps. I was the first female ever to participate in Tough Trucks at the local track. Although I didn't do bad, I didn't win. However, I can still say I gave it a go and set precedence for other chicks to show they can run just as well as the guys.

Although I can firsthand say that Chevy Trailblazers know how to romp it in the mud, my hubby didn't care for me using my everyday vehicle when I had a hankering to go muddin' so he bought me the big blue truck a couple months ago for that purpose. I'd never driven the blue truck until the day of Tough Trucks so I wasn't quite sure how it'd all work out, but 'Big Blue' didn't disappoint. The thing ain't pretty but it knows how to go.

A cute little field mouse, who I appropriately named Mr. Jingles, hung out next to me in the pits the entire time. I almost considered letting the little guy go for a ride on the track with me. Almost.

Being a Tough Truck driver and in the pits allowed me the opportunity to see a lot of the Monster Trucks up close. Big Foot, La Chica Loca, and Ghost Ryder were three of the six Monster Trucks at the track to entertain the crowd. (I'd tell you the other three but I can't remember their names.)

It would have bee nice to bring home a cash prize for placing in the top but even better than that was the adrenaline rush from taking the blue beast on wheels out on the track. I totally plan on doing it again at the next event (which I believe is in September).

My husband and his friend took our truck out the next day and participated in Tough Trucks again during the second Monster Trucks show. The friend drove my truck on first round and took out the axle. So now 'Big Blue' is at home getting repaired.
Have you ever been to a Monster Truck show? Have you ever participated in a Tough Truck event or seen one?


Stephanie said...

My friend's brother does crash derby but we've never stuck around for the monster trucks. Clearly, we should! Mr. Jingles is the most adorable thing ever.

An Apel a Day said...

It looks like a fun event. I'm sure you were nervous since it wasn't a truck you were used to.

rubynreba said...

Wow! Bet that was quite the rush!! Proud of you for doing it! Who cares if you didn't win - you gave it your best!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

How fun that you got to ride in it, before it went out of commission. Stupid boys! ;)

akronugurl said...

looks like fun!