Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Graduates and Shin Splints

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I just knew for sure I had the shin splints problem solved with Kinseio tape. I was starting to feel uber confident in roller derby and getting my groove on with the whole referee thing. The last two times though have been killer. Almost to the point of defeat. But after six months of going through hell and back I'm not going to give up. I may cry an awful lot, but I won't give up!

Recently a really good friend came over to my house with a big secret. The waterworks flowed and my husband and I listened to her for over an hour. We pretty much pinky swore we wouldn't tell the secret to anyone. I'm as good a gossip queen as the next person but also know how and when to stay loyal when asked.

Well, apparently her secret got out and she was fumin' (and rightfully so). She called to confront the person who supposedly let the cat out of the bag and that person downright denied it. That's fine and dandy but I learned a couple of things:
1. I don't like my integrity questioned. At first I was asked if I was the one who told the secret. I don't EVER swear on my life unless I'm 10000% positive I can back it up but I did in this case. I don't mind being there for a friend when needed but I almost wish I wasn't the one people leaned to because if I'm never told a secret in the first place I don't have to be questioned about it at all.

2. Why a person can't just keep their lips sealed is beyond me. Does everything have to be juicy gossip? If you're going to act like a friend, then just be one already.

3. If you're going to tell a secret, then tell only a select group. That way if you need to find out who said what it won't take forever and a day. If you tell a bunch of people, it's no longer a secret!

Anyway, yeah.

I hosted a graduation party at my home Sunday for my 20 yoa daughter who graduated community college and my 13 yoa step-daughter who graduated 8th grade. (I'm so glad to be done with graduations this year, by the way.) Normally I either bake or purchase cakes or cookies. For this particular occasion I opted to purchase a bunch of Little Debbie snack cakes and serve them as the party snack. It's a cheapened way of doing things and I caught some flack for it, but every one of those snack cakes got ate, by golly!

The other night we were roused from sleep to find that our cat had a bat pinned down on the floor. After a few shrieks on our end, the bat took off flying. We were unable to catch it and called out animal control. He never found it either. I'm hoping it flew out and found a new place to call home.

Our cat had a bat, how about that?! I think the cat would've won the war if we hadn't of interrupted it.

Had a nice morning going to garage sales with Jason Saturday. No map or any specifics. Just went and looked till we found 'em. Jason's theory: garage sales are like mushrooms. You just gotta hunt for them.

What's your randomness for the week?


VandyJ said...

I do enjoy garage saling--it's fun to see what you can find.

Anonymous said...

I would totally be fine if people never told me secrets! I like hearing gossip like the next person but drama like that can occur and no thanks!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I hate having my integrity questioned, too. I'm the *last* person to *ever* spill secrets, so if questioned I'm offended. And you're right - if you tell multiple people your secret it's no longer a secret!

Check your attic or attic crawl space and make sure you don't have a bat or three hanging out up there. A house I rented in PA when I first moved there had bats in the attic - nothing like getting woken up in the middle of the night with your cat 'playing' with a bat! :)

Congrats on your grads! :)