Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Verona Trilogy: The Loved and The Lost - Review and Giveaway

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Book Synopsis:

Hansum, Shamira and Lincoln are three 24th-century time travelers desperate to return to 14th-century Verona and reclaim their medieval family’s shattered lives. It is a mission fraught with danger and the risk of unexpected consequences for themselves and their worlds. For all three, it is a matter of the heart. For one, though, it is truly the only thing that matters, as the fate of his eternal love and the life of their unborn child is the prize to be won – or lost forever.

In this, the final book of The Verona Trilogy, our three time travelers go on the boldest adventure of their lives. They will face hardship, tragedy, and threats from sources they couldn’t have imagined – all in an effort to wrestle a future from the steely grip of an unforgiving past.

My Review:

As part of The Verona Trilogy, The Loved and The Lost is the third book in the three-part series. Although it isn't necessary to read the first two books, it is helpful to so you can capture some of the background with the teens and the trials they endured beforehand.

Hansum, Lincoln and Shamira have been put through History Camp and have lived in 14th Century Verona, Italy. Because the teens have seen and experienced the hardships of the past and know what the future holds, they go back in time and try to change it to save their friends and loved ones from the past.

I've read all three books of The Verona Trilogy and The Loved and The Lost is, by far, my favorite. The characters' personalities and maturity have evolved in The Loved and the Lost, and I was left feeling satisfied with the ending to the teens' romances and adventures.

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