Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Do Life Together

Although my husband sees them more than I do, we are part of a Small Group through our church. It's a group of six couples who get together every Thursday in one home to discuss the previous week's sermon and what's going on in our lives. Sometimes my guy is the lone man out because I have to attend roller derby practice, but they don't mind.

Our church is very large (almost megachurch large) and you can get lost in the throngs if you're not careful. Being a part of a Small Group helps you grow closer to people of like minds and grow your circle of friends.

I've been a part of our Small Group for almost a year now and the people are beyond awesome. We do life together.

Last Friday we broke out of our regularly scheduled routine and had a supper at a local eatery. The place is known for their ribs and pulled pork. The food and service was fine but one of our guys found a piece of white minty chewed up gum in his food. No joke!!

He took it much better than I would have and politely informed the staff. They were rather nonchalent about it and I was quite turned off by their behavior. I guess, on the plus side, Billy's portion of food was taken off the bill.

Rather than let it get our goat, we took it in good stride and laughed till we snorted. What else can ya do!

Do you belong to a Small Group? Have you ever found something weird in your food?


Kristi Maloney said...

OMG- I can't believe that the restaurant management wasn't more apologetic about that gum. That is pretty BAD! On another note, I love that you guys belong to this group. i think it's a great way to connect with families within your church.

An Apel a Day said...

Oh no on the gum! That's not something you see in your food ever day.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Yuck on the gum. Eek!

And yes, we have a small group of people we like to get together with.

Theresa Mahoney said...

A few months back I found some shredded plastic in my food at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I'm sure it was from where they tore the lettuce or cheese bags open. They were super embarrassed when I pointed it out and took care of my bill and brought me a new burrito.

The plastic I could overlook. The chewed up gum would have made me leave, even if it wasn't found in my food. Sounds like a very unsanitary establishment.

Victoria said...

It is awesome that you can meet up with other church members and reflect.

Becca said...

I have found plastic wrap or tin foil in my food before but never gum. Ewwwwwwww

Adaptable Kay said...

I agree that sometimes just having a small group to get together with makes life just THAT much better :)

I actually belong to a few groups with mostly the same people-a date group where we try to get together once a month to do things together (bowling, karaoke, country night at a local bar, etc), a girl's night out group where we also try to get together once a month to do something, and now a reading group :)

DesiredOne said...

We have never been part of a group. But things in food, always seems to be hair!