Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Playin' It Up the Scary Way

Yay, it's another Random Tuesday Thoughts with Stacy Uncorked. Link up your randomness at her blog.

me and hubby and friend

Showing my daughter just how scary her mommy can be!

Because even adults like to have some fun, we bought some el cheapo nylon Halloween masks at an Outlet Warehouse and donned them for some photos. It was ridiculous, and entertaining.

Saturday was another home bout for our roller derby team. DRDC slaughtered the other team, 217 to 11. Next weekend I'll be changing referee positions and will be Outside Pack Ref. I'm seriously a ball of nerves over it. So far I've only ever been Inside Pack Ref and that's where I'm most comfortable. Time to suck it up, buttercup, and go outside my comfort zone.

Sunday I went with my teen son, oldest daughter, and a friend to watch a live theatrical version of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Simply put, I was bored to tears. The acting was exceptional, I will give it that. But sitting through 2.5 hours of people yipping and yapping, without much action, really wasn't my thing.
My mom was recently in the hospital again for a few days. Another bout of pneumonia. She's since been discharged but has several tests coming up this week. Doctors found masses on her lungs and need to check to make sure they're benign.

I lost my everlovin' mind Friday night. I couldn't handle hearing the words "lung masses". I lost a step-father and my biological father to cancer and that's the first thing that came to my mind. To say I had a meltdown is an understatement.

Now that the tears and fears are out of my system (for now) it's time to buck up and get her back to good health. If you're one to pray, I could use some. Thanks.

Tell me, what's your randomness for the week. Whatcha been up to?