Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Terra and Becky's Annual Pumpkin Party

I love celebrating Halloween and autumn.  It's my favorite time of year.  A gal I work with, Becky, gets giddy over the same things.  Last year she and I collaborated and started up an annual pumpkin party.  This year we did it again. 

There was food, food, and more food.  Much of it was themed.  And if the kids didn't get a sugar rush during the party, they were sent home with bags of trinkets and more sugar-filled candy.

I tried to apply a face tat.  It was an epic fail!

Each child in attendance was given a gourd to decorate.  Stickers, pompoms, yarn, and other craft pieces were used.  Some ended up on the gourds; some ended up on the floor.

A shed was converted into a haunted house.  Children entered - if they dared - to receive their goody bags.

I'd say there were about 20 adults and the same amount of kids in presence.  Several fellow 911 dispatchers showed up, including one dressed as a Storm Trooper (Not a Jedi, as the verbal lashing let me know!)
How do you celebrate Halloween?  Do you ever host or attend a party this time of year?


An Apel a Day said...

That looks like a great party. I took my boys to the fall festival at school and to the library for their Spooktacular Event. They'll go trick or treating to.

Renee said...

We go to fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and trick or treat, but I think I am going to start hosting a party similar to yours every year. My youngest daughter's birthday is October 23rd, so we can just call it her Halloween birthday party until she gets old enough to pick her own theme. I love the gourd decorating idea and the creepy cupcakes :)