Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Helen Dog Heck's Visit with Santa

This here is Helen Dog Heck and I'm guest posting for mommy today.  I'm her pet Labrabull.  I drive her absolutely bonkers sometimes but I'm sure she still loves me.  Right mom?!?!
The holidays are here and I wanted to tell Santa what I'd like for Christmas.  On my list is big ole' bones, crunchy snacks, and squeaky toys.  I sure hope Santa thinks I've been good.  I hope he doesn't count the times I've dookied behind the recliner or the times I've shredded my toys to pieces.
On mommy's birthday she took me to Petco to get my picture taken with Santa.  Almost made me think it was my birthday!  As much as I like the pet store, I sure had to wait quite a while.  It must have been an off day; there was no ink to print off the pictures and Santa had no shoes.  An employee took off to buy both.  Traffic must've been busy because it took an awfully long time.
While we waited around to get my picture taken, mommy found the cutest doggie dress and just had to buy it.  I've never worn clothes before.  I didn't know I looked so darn adorable in a doggie dress.  Now I have to add that to my Santa list!
After forty-five minutes, the time finally arrived.  I was able to get next to Santa.  He wasn't as jolly as I thought he'd be.  Mommy took a bunch of pictures of me.  She must really like me.  It was my first day for doggie clothes and my first visit with Santa!


Renee said...

I think maybe someone (not you, Helen!) peed on Santa's shoes. That might explain the "Take the darn picture already" look on his face and the fact that he had no shoes on! Or maybe he was trying to decide which list to put you on...think twice before sneaking behind that chair again, Helen! :)

Unknown said...

Lol! She looks so cute! I should tell my daughtet to take her 3 dogs to get their picture taken with Santa. Merry Christmas :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

She has gotten so big! And looks totally adorable in her outfits!

mail4rosey said...

Ha! Adorable! And Santa is probably so busy right now, he sometimes forgets to be overly jolly. ;)