Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Winners For December

A few of my giveaways have ended and the winners have been randomly drawn.

The winner of the Magnified Makeup Mirror giveaway is #70, Laurie Murley.

The winner of the Indie Children's Books giveaway is #7, Janet W.

The winners of the 25 Forty Tshirt giveaway are:
#14, Xty C.
#16, ahandy
#33, Tina Reynolds
#12, bluecat
#18, Jenndiggy

The winner of the rove giveaway is #2, heymissvirginia.

The winner of the ZzzQuil giveaway is #39, bettycd.

The winner of The World Almanac book giveaway is #42, Laurie Murley.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who entered.  Be sure to check out my active giveaways, all listed at the top left hand side of my blog.  There's no limit to how many you can enter or how many you can win.