Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Potatoes and Valentines

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As much as I love my son Logan, he's the world's worst at letting me in on things last minute.  If I didn't have an actual printout of his sports games, I'd never know when they were.  I don't think he does it out of spite; I just don't think he thinks about it...at all. 
Last Wednesday Logan asked me if I'd help set up and prepare food for a basketball game on Friday.  Sure, why not!  I'm a good mom like that.
I requested that Logan let me know exactly what time I needed to be at the school, who I needed to meet, and what I'd be doing.  Surprise, surprise, Logan didn't let me know!  After getting a ballpark figure of when I should be there, I showed up late and saw a bunch of people running around in the cafeteria making a mad dash to prepare a dinner for over 300 people. 
Luckily, I had drug my other teen son along with me (because at least I wouldn't look like a fool all by myself) and he and I rolled up our sleeves to help.  He and I spent over two hours scrubbing potatoes, then dicing them into little pieces.  We filled up seven (yes, count 'em, seven!) roaster pans full of potatoes.  We were knee deep in spuds.  I'd say I'm close to meeting my quota for ever having to cut potatoes again.
Valentine's Day was pretty unromantic for me and Jason.  We went on a road trip with my sister, her husband, and their kid to Kansas City, Missouri then we parted ways.  I spent the day with her at a Scentsy convention and he spent the day with the other two at an indoor waterpark filled with a million screaming kids.  Neither of us had great things to say about either of the things we did but that's another story for a whole other blog post.
Jason and I exchanged Valentine's gifts the night before.  He received a gift basket of snacks and Duck Dynasty novelties.  I received a new NIV Bible and Bible cover.  I'd already owned a Bible but it was the King James version (comparable to Shakespearean poetics).  The NIV is somewhat simpler to read and comprehend.
He inscribed the inside of the Bible.  Awww!
Sunday was my husband's birthday.  He turned the big ole' 38.  It was probably the worst one for him yet.  It was partly my fault; partly his.  He and I weren't in the best of moods from our Kansas City trip and we took it out on each other.  So, instead of a day of celebration, it was a day of bickering and arguing. 
Back in the day, me and Jason argued like it was a part of daily life.  But we rarely get cross with each other and it's been that way for a few years now.  Unfortunately, what he got on his birthday was a few choice words with a dash of dirty looks.  All is well now; we kissed and made up.
How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?   What's your randomness for the week?


LA Botchar said...

My husband worked all weekend, so my Valentines was spent with my kids. which isn't bad, but not exactly romantic. ha.
But we have a weekend planned of this coming weekend, so we will make up for it.
Days like that with spouses are so hard -- but it's also just life I think. I mean, I don't get along with ANYONE 100% of the time; that's an unrealistic expectation. So as long as all's fair during the war; then you get to make up with love later! :)

Sue Hull said...

I didn't do anything on Valentine's Day. I did some reading and entered giveaways most of the day.That's a lot of potatoes! LOL!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Way to go Jason what an amazing and thoughtful gift and to write in that is so sweet. I love looking back on books with msgs in them.

I so hear you about KJV vs NIV, I may have to use that quote :)

Linda Moffitt said...

I lost my Mother on Valentines Day so we stopped celebrating it because I could not be happy on that day but then 6 yrs later on Valentines day My daughter was born so we now celebrate again for My Daughter So I had a Birthday party to organize on Valentines Day this year :)

Jerry Marquardt said...

On Valentines' Day, I just stayed on the computer in the warmth. I didn’t want to venture out, it being too cold.

Renee said...

My youngest daughter had a stomach virus on Valentine's Day this year. I'll let you use your own imagination to figure out what I did that day :P