Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman's Heart - Book Review

I received book for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

Christian women don't have to choose between being sexual and spiritual. They have legitimate longings that the Church has been afraid to talk about, and books like Fifty Shades of Grey exploit. Whether you are single or married, sexually dead or just looking to revive your sex life, Pulling Back the Shades will address your desire to be both sexual AND spiritual. With solid Biblical teaching and transparent stories, trusted authors Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery, offer an unflinching look at the most personal questions women ask. The book offers practical advice for women to address five core longings:

to be cherished by a man
to be protected by a strong man
to rescue a man
to be sexually alive
to escape reality

God designed women with these longings and has a plan to satisfy them. It's time for women to identify their intimate longings and God-honoring ways to fulfill them.

My Review:

Fifty Shades of Grey has become quite the sensation, first with books and now a movie.  Erotica has been around for a long, long time (just look online or at an adult superstore) so I was surprised that this particular book authority became so widely welcomed.  Most everybody and their grandma has read the Fifty Shades book series.  Myself, I read half of the first book then put it down.  I had no interest.  It's not that I'm a prude or don't believe in being sexually active; it's just that I found a lot wrong with how the book played out.  I imagine that if the main male character weren't so hot and rich or if the roles were reversed and the female was berating and beating the male that it wouldn't have been so accepted.  But, then again, that's what makes erotica sell - fairytale moments, hot steamy scenes, and even hotter characters.

Whether or not you've read the Fifty Shades of Grey series (or any other erotica for that matter) I feel that Pulling Back the Shades is an informational book that will make you stop and give thought to some of your sexual fantasies and actions.  The authors, Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery, give insight on what has made the Fifty Shades series so popular and what exactly they find wrong with it.  You may or may not agree with everything they say (just as I didn't always agree) but I can almost bet it will make you think and debate your views on erotica, porn, and other sexual activities.  The authors give advice and observation on how married couples can have a healthy, intimate sexual relationship without bringing in immoral sexual conflicts.  The book explains what the Bible says about sex, both the good and the bad.  There's a discussion section at the end with questions on each chapter for you to further delve into your own thoughts about different sexual bearings.  If anything, this book will make you reflect on your own sexual circumstances and whether they're truly healthy.

Have you read the Fifty Shades of Grey series?  Are you for or against reading erotica?