Monday, April 13, 2015

Zuke's Z-Bones - Dog Dental Chews Review

Our dog, Helen, is a year and a half old.  Although she drives me absolutely bonkers at times, I still like her and want her to be in good health.  She's as much a member of the family as anyone else and deserves to be treated well. 
I was recently introduced to Zuke's Z-Bones, grain free dental chews that clean teeth and fight doggie breath.  Helen, thank goodness, doesn't normally have bad breath but I'm all for keeping her teeth in good condition.
Zuke's Z-Bones are available in four sizes, and I went with the Regular size based on her weight.  The edible, made-in-the USA, grain-free dental chews are made with whole food fruits and vegetables.  There are three flavors available, and the ones Helen reviewed are Clean Carrot Crisp.

Z-Bones support a clean mouth and fresh breath by scraping and polishing dog's teeth without the use of wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll. Zuke’s Z-Bones are highly digestible, and every bite is loaded with healthy antioxidants. Alfalfa, parsley, rosemary and fennel naturally freshen breath by supporting digestion, while the product’s ideal texture helps polish teeth and maintain healthy gums. In addition, Z-Bones are fortified with vitamins and minerals and completely free of chemicals, color dyes, harsh additives, or preservatives.   Because I care about what my dog digests, I'm pleased that the dental chews aren't harmful to her system. 

Zuke's Z-Bones are packaged in a resealable bag.  The particular ones we received are brown in color and have a hardness to them.  They aren't hollow. 

Although I'm up for adventure, I wasn't about to taste the dental chews myself. Therefore, I can't vouch for taste. What I can vouch for is that my dog loves them. I've been giving her one of the chews daily and she's like a kid in a candy store when she gets it. I feel good knowing that I'm giving my dog dental chews that are nutritionally sound and she certainly seems to like them. I'd say she gives them two thumbs paws up!


Heck Of A Bunch said...

What a BigBlackBallofUgly.


Sue Hull said...

My daughter has 3 dogs and sometimes they have nasty dog breath. I buy them greenies sometimes. These look better and bigger. I may have to but them for the dogs to try :)

Sue Hull said...

I mean buy them lol