Friday, September 25, 2015

If A Place Doesn't Know Date and Time, I Don't Want Their Food

I don't frequent McDonald's all day, every day.  It's not my first choice for fast food.  But, once in a while, a McDouble and fries are just what the doctor I ordered.  However, I have to question the state of their method when they can't even tell time.

For the past several days, one of the two McDonald's in my town has been billboard blasting a promotion.  The first 25 cars in line after midnight on 09/25 (that's today!) were eligible to receive 52 free Big Macs. 
Beings that I wanted in on the promotion, I took a break from work while my supervisor sat in for me.  I, along with a couple other cars, pulled over and waited until it was midnight on the dot.  Once it was "after midnight on 09/25" we pulled into the drive-thru lane. 
When the first car pulled up and brought up the promotion, the employee explained that the big to-do wasn't on 9/25 and that it was instead tomorrow (meaning 09/26). They kept arguing that it wasn't after midnight on 9/25 as stated on the billboard. That car drove away rightly pissed. 
I then drove up in the drive-thru and the server said "Hello. How can I help you?" I asked "So, did I hear it right that the date on the billboard is wrong?" Rather than give any explanation or answer at all, they turned out all the lights to the store and outside.  #OhNoYouDidn't
Once I gathered that I wasn't going to get an answer or explanation of any kind, I drove away. 
It's not so much that I need 52 Big Macs.  Unless you're throwing a frat party, I'm not real sure why anyone would need that many McMeats at one time.  Then again, I was cuckoo enough to take a break from work to gather that many Big Macs.  (Although, I do believe that my co-workers and other personnel would've been forever in my favor if I would've came in toting a late night snackwich.)
I find it preposterous that McDonald's couldn't hold up to their end of the deal when the billboard,  which faces a very busy main street, gave the date and time of after midnight on 9/25. 
If an employee or management wasn't smart enough to catch on to their mistake or even honor the promotion as it was advertised, then I don't want their food anyway.  The order would probably be messed up too.


Samantha said...

How lame!! What a bunch of McAssholes.
Ha. :)

VickieC said...

I hope you called and complained

Masshole Mommy said...

They probably don;t have the capacity to make THAT many Big Macs anyways. I have been behind the counter - they can only make a handful at a time, so if 25 people pulled in at once, it would have been a 2 hour wait to get them.

Renee said...

Ha! And these are probably the same people complaining that they should make $15 an hour. You and your friends don't need their crappy heart attacks in a box anyway.