Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts - 9-1-1 and Atari

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I'm loving the feel of Fall weather.  It makes me so content when the weather is just right.  I know it's still over a month and a half away but I'm already planning for Halloween.  I've never been more interested in Pinterest than I am now.  A gal pal and I host a Halloween party every year for our friends and their kids, and I've been in full party planning mode.  We've also gotten plans rolling to attend Scarefest in St. Louis for three of the biggest and best haunted houses.  I can barely contain my excitement!
Reliving the good ole' days with Pac-Man
Emma and Jason battling it out with Tanks
Jason got an Atari in the mail the other day and you would've thought it was Christmas.  For those not in the know, Atari is THE gaming system that started it all.  If you owned one, you were a cool kid.
This particular Atari package he got in the mail came with the game system, controllers, and over twenty games.  PLUS the original owner's manual and all the game manuals.  Saturday night was spent staring at old school game graphics and battling for the highest scores.  That's how we roll on a weekend!
I've hit my 11th year anniversary as a 911 Dispatcher.  That's eleven years of baby mama drama, bar fights, and barking dogs.  There's also the occasional actual emergency.  Although, at times, I want to reach into the phone and knock some common sense into people I do like my job and don't see myself anywhere else.
Kids, big and little, playing in the dirt
We had some family over Sunday for a cookout.  It was long overdue.  The food was delish, and no toys were needed.  The kids kept themselves long entertained with sticks and dirt.  Right now my yard is dotted with handcrafted "bug hotels".
Did you ever own an Atari?  Are you as stoked about Fall weather as I am?  What's your randomness for the week?  Happy RTT!


Samantha said...

There's a great documentary on Atari you should watch! It's on Netflix.

An Apel a Day said...

I love Halloween to. For some reason I'm brain dead this year in regards to that subject. In the past I was Frida (with a unibrow), Van Gogh (with a bandaged ear), a Geisha (with a plate of homemade rice crispy sushi rolls), The Other Coraline (with button eyes) and some more good costumes. This year I've got nothing. Any ideas I look up are too sexy, stupid, or offensive. I'm just not feeling it. Boo! It's a holiday I usually like.

Renee said...

We had a Coleco Vision game console---I remember playing Lady Bug and The Smurfs. The controller was a giant joystick with numbers on it and it looked like an oversized TV remote.
FALL--yes! We are ready for you! I have put my fall wreath on the door and bought two mums (already half dead from the fact that it is still hot outside,) and my oldest has asked to bring out the Halloween decorations already! She wanted to buy a pumpkin too but we convinced her it would be a pile of goo by mid-October so we should wait.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Fall is by far my most favorite season! The crisp cooler air, the scents, the fun - can't get enough!

I love that Jason got an Atari - we had one growing up, and Princess Nagger loves the 'old school' gaming systems so I got her one last year that she loves playing on. It's fun to 'relive' the game fun with her! :)

Handcrafted bug hotels...hilarious!!