Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Birthdays and War Rooms

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Nancy, Jamie, Rhonda, Amber, and myself in the hospital multipurpose room
Today marks the 17th day for my mom being in the hospital this go round.  She's getting antsy to come home and I don't blame her.  If all goes well, she'll get to bust out of there on Wednesday. 
A few gals in my small group met up with me Sunday evening and we enjoyed supper with my mom at the hospital.  Her favorite place to eat is Dairy Queen, so it was brought in by Amber.  We spent a couple hours chatting and stuffing our faces with food.
My husband goes in Wednesday for a varicose vein procedure.  He'll be out of work for two weeks.  As much as I love him, it will be a test of grace.  He's not one to just sit around and relax.  It's my guess that by the third day, he'll be irritable because he can't be out doing things.  And I'll be irritable because he'll be irritating me.  Between him and my mom, I'll be a busy nursemaid.
These past few months Allyson has been working super hard at losing weight and eating healthy.  She's lost over 25 pounds and has made big strides.  She's even started her own Inspirational Messaging group, sending positive and inspirational quotes and messages to people everyday.  Gotta say, I'm proud of her!
My husband and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with two other couples Thursday evening.  The place is usually packed but it was burstin' at the gills that night.  Everybody and their grandma was there.  Which was fine and gem dandy with me.   That is until I was still waiting on my food an hour later.  By that time, I was ready to crawl up a hog's ass to get a ham sandwich.
As it was, our waitress failed to even put our order in.  I'm not a total biotch.  I know mistakes happen.  But it was still another hour before we got our food and the waitress made no effort to refill our drinks or check on us during the wait. 
The manager did made amends, though, and cut the bill in half.  As it is, I don't see myself going there again anytime soon.
Logan has made the local paper a couple of times recently as being one of the top contenders to look out for with Cross Country.  I swear, he was born to run.  And he didn't get it from his mama, that's for sure. 
Not that I'm rushing him by any means, but me and Adam had a conversation the other day about his future spouse.  His response: "If my lady doesn't like my mom, my dog, or my grandma she'll have to kick rocks".  That's my boy!
My great-niece MaKynzee turned three years old the other day and had her party at the campground.  I love spending time and hanging out with my family.  I recently learned that MaKynzee's mommy, my niece, is pregnant again.  I'm super stoked and am already buying all kinds of stuff for the baby. 
me and Jason
If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you know that our weekends used to be filled with camping at Whispering Oaks which just so happens to be the same place MaKynzee's birthday party was held.  We did that jig for over five years before giving it up. 
At night, on weekends, that place can be the Devil's Playground.  It's all about who's doing who, who's being true, and who don't even care anymore.  As much as I had fun up there when I was camping, I'm glad I got out when I did.
Me and a group of gals went to the movies Friday night and watched War Room.  It's a Christian based film about marriage and the power of prayer.  I highly recommend it.  Seriously, go see it.
The movie has inspired me to create my own War Room and my mind has been reeling with ideas on which space I'm going to utilize.
That's my randomness for this week.  Let me know what's been up with you.


ap said...

War Room has peaked my interest. I'm hoping my church does a study on it! We love to camp too but like your Alan Jackson reference I feel ya! I try to stay away from some campgrounds where people live there 24/7 they are like little Payton Places LOL. Prayers for your mom, husband, and yourself as you deal with all the chaos. You got this! Congrats to your daughter and son!

Samantha said...

Omg Dairy Queen sounds so yummy right now.

Run DMT said...

I am so sorry about your mom. I hope she is recovering and able to leave the hospital soon.

I've never watched War Room. I'll need to check it out.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Love your son's attitude towards mamma, grandma and his dog. Kick rocks, indeed!

Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said...

Awww.. your son!! Cute Cute!! Too funny!! Prayers to your mom and hubby!!