Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pumpkinheads: Role Model Characters for Toddlers - Books Review

I received books for review.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

We all want our kids to grow up to be respectable and well-behaved.  Although we can't control the outcome, we can provide our children with the tools necessary to make the right choices.  Providing positive materials and role models helps with that process.  

I recently received two books from the Pumpkinheads line that are fun and engaging, but also good teaching tools for toddlers.  The best selling, award winning Pumpkinheads books model how to learn from and interact with others while encouraging acceptance of self and the celebration of unique strengths and talents.  The family-approved brand features books, videos, educational resources, games, digital magazine, and an app.

Two new Pumpkinheads books have been released this month, "Peanut's Mistake" and "Imagine".  

Peanut's Mistake summary:

Go, go, go! Peanut’s not slow! But Peanut breaks the rules by running in the house. What will happen when Carmin discovers his big mess? Join Carmin and Peanut in this heartwarming story about learning from mistakes.

Imagine summary:

Slide down rainbows and swing from stars! Bounce on clouds and drive fast cars! Join the Pumpkinheads as they switch the world around in a silly adventure that explores the power of imagination and the differences that make the world beautiful.

I adored both of these books.  The children depicted are of different races and nationalities, showing diversity.  Both books are hardcover and tell stories with teachable moments.  Peanut's Mistake is told in rhythmic form and tells of a pup named Peanut who accidentally makes a mess.  Peanut become nervous and goes into hiding.  Its owner, Carmin, looks around for the pup.  Once found, Carmin shows forgiveness and they both work together in cleaning up the mess.

In Imagine, the Pumpkinheads individuals pretend they are different characters.  One is a superhero that can fly through the sky and another is a shark deep in the ocean.  They also use their imaginations to swing from stars and slide down rainbows.  The positive message at the end is that colors don't change what things are and colors make the world beautiful, including the color of skin.

The pages at the end of each book feature each Pumpkinheads character and answers to questions, such as "What do you do when you make a messy mistake?"  There are also a few tips from the Pumpkinheads on the proper way to handle situations.


Janet W. said...

I love that these books give tips at the end on how to handle certain situations.

Sue Hull said...

These sound like great books. My niece is getting to be quite the reader and she is starting to like it. She's 7 and didnt want to read. My sister got her a tutor and now she really enjoys it. Thats why I love winning books. As soon as my granddaughter is older and sits still longer then my niece can read stories to her. I like books that teach them things also.

Sue Hull said...
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