Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wordful Wednesday - Hotel Stay

Jason and I celebrated our 13th anniversary Sunday.  I could go into how much I love him and how he's the perfect one for me, but I'll just sum it up in two words: He's Amazing!  

Thanks to a couple dear friends of ours, we were able to stay at Town & Country Inn and Suites in the whirlpool room.

I'll be honest with you, we didn't explore much of the hotel.  We were content with staying in the room and hanging out.  We've both been so busy that it was nice just enjoying each other's company.

Jason also let me take a three hour nap in the afternoon.  I asked for one hour, he gave me three.  It was one of the best sleeps I've had in a long time.  

We stocked the mini-fridge with adult beverages and ordered food from a local bar.  
Bar food is the best!

The whirlpool got some use.  It was relaxing, but the water was a little hot.

We don't have cable at home so Jason was like a little boy flipping channels.  In the end, we watched Ice Road Truckers and Men in Black II.

We did a whole lot of nothing, and it was awesome! 
Happy anniversary to the one who makes me smile every day.


Samantha said...

Oh yay! That looks awesome! And girl we are the same way at the hotel. When you can sleep and enjoy food in the room, why leave?? Haha!!

Masshole Mommy said...

Sounds like a perfect getaway! Happy Anniversary!

Jenn said...

Happy Anniversary ! Looks like a well deserved relaxing stay.

Sue Hull said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! You guys seem like you're perfect for each other. You are so very blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I never found my prince. I thought I did a couple times but they turned out to be toads. Lol! God Bless you both :)

Renee said...

You've got some good friends...that looks like a little trip to heaven. Happy Anniversary!

Claire said...

I love a hotel stay, no chores! Yay!

God bless,
Xo, Claire

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!! I know just going away for the night always makes us feel better and really enjoy each others company more than being at home.