Monday, April 4, 2016

First Season Visit: Six Flags St. Louis

Shelby and I
Saturday we went for our first visit to Six Flags St. Louis for the season.  Shelby and Adam, along with a friend and her son, came along for the fun.
  The weather was windy but otherwise nice.  The place wasn't overly crowded so we were able to get on all the rides we wanted, and sometimes even go twice in a row. 
animatronic from Justice League ride
This is the first year I've purchased a Gold Season Pass and it's already paid for itself.  If you weren't aware already, here's a tip for purchasing Six Flags Season Passes:  Purchase them during one of the holiday sales, and go in with friends.  For instance, I purchased a total of four passes during the Black Friday sale.  Because I purchased four, the individual price for each one was lower than usual.  And, because of the promotion, my pass was automatically upgraded to Gold level. 
I don't know what the going rates and all that are right now, but Six Flags is having an Earth Day Sale on passes until April 22nd.  Check it out if you plan on going to Six Flags more than once in a season.
The Boss roller coaster and Go-Kart track
Here's another tip for if you plan on going more than once a season:  Purchase a Premium Season Drink Bottle.  It's a little over $20 for the initial purchase, but you then receive free drink refills all season long.  And we all know how expensive drinks can get!
The XCalibur
I've never been to Disney (someday, oh someday) so I have no tips or advice for you there.  But maybe I'll become a Six Flags Pro by the time this season is over and I'll let you in on some tricks of the trade.  
What's your favorite part about Six Flags?  Go enough to make it worth a Season Pass?


Samantha said...

So cool! I'm terrified of amusement parks. Hahaha. Too many horror movies I guess. But old abandoned amusement parks are on my "I don't like them one bit" list!

An Apel a Day said...

That looks fun! We don't have one near Omaha, Nebraska. Just Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, FunPlex in Omaha, and Adventure Land in Des Moines.

Adaptable Kay said...

While I probably wouldn't go as often as you and your family go to justify buying those passes, I would really love to go at least once or twice to see if I like it. I'm not a big ride person but I wouldn't mind pushing my comfort zone a little bit :)

Sue Hull said...

My daughter and son in law get season passes. This season my sister got them too. I just go on a free day. I just hate how expensive it is to rent a scooter. Its $40 plus $50 deposit.Even tho I get the deposit back its still a lot.Its worth it though. I dont do the rides due to being disabled which is fine with me.Im afraid of heights so no roller coasters for me. Lol! It sounds like you guys had fun :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Our nearest 6 Flags is about 5 hours away, so we only go once a year or so, so no season pass for us. I am glad you are making good use of yours!