Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Hospitals and Tuxedos

It's Tuesday!  That means it's time for another edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts, hosted by Stacy Uncorked.  Go ahead and link up if you want to play along.
Because six hundred million times in the last two years hasn't been enough, mom was taken back to the hospital Friday.  She was vomiting profusely and out of breath.  I would've chalked it up to the list of reasons she's been in the hospital before - Urinary Tract Infection, Lung Cancer, Pneumonia, Low Potassium, or Compression Fractures. 

Nope!  She had to add to the list - a blocked Small Intestine.  The solution to the problem was to tube her.  That required taking a long ass tube and sticking it down her nose to her stomach.  In turn, all contents of stomach would be expelled.  Imagine if you will:  A tube in your insides with excrement coming out through your nose into a plastic container.  If I had to see it, you have to imagine it!

It only took a total of six times for the tube to be placed.  The first four were a complete failure.  The fifth time was a success.  That is, until she went on a rampage and pulled it out.  And, sixth time was a final success.  BUT only because they put mitts on her hands.  That was like trying to tame a bear!  She was unhappy under all terms.  And delusional from the meds.  Torture for her and hell for me.

Thankfully yesterday went better and the mitts were allowed to come off.  If all goes well (and I should find out later today) the tube will be able to come out and the problem will correct itself.  If not, surgery may have to be an option.  We shall see...
On the plus side, I was able to actually sleep in a bed of sorts.  In times past, it's been a recliner.  Those aren't the best for a good night's sleep.  The room she's in now has a couch where the back pops down into a mattress.  Not the best, but definitely not the worst.
Logan's been doing pretty good with Track this year.  He recently won first place in an 800 event and first place in a relay race.
I took Logan to pick out a tux for prom yesterday.  I expect that I'll cry when I see him all dressed up.  Cost $175 to rent that fancy formal wear.  I won't even go into the cost of tickets, dinner, and corsage.  He better enjoy E.V.E.R.Y single minute of Prom.
If you're on Facebook, you couldn't have missed that National Siblings Day was Sunday.  Um, didn't go so well on our end of the gene pool.  One sister posted a picture of yesteryear and another half-sister went into a rampage about her hatred for my mother.  To say I was in a rage is an understatement.  I put in my two cents, but could've said a whole lot more.  Then it hit me that it wasn't worth the battle and there's a reason I have nothing to do with her anyway.
This week is National Telecommunicator Week.  Be sure to thank your 9-1-1 Dispatcher for what they do, rather than take out all your anger on them.  We don't get a lot of recognition so it's nice to have the food and small gifts from the higher-ups. 

Cody is the one facing forward.
My bro-in-law played his first home game for semi-pro football the other night.  The team came home with the Big W.
Welp, that's it for this week.  What's your randomness?


Sandy Cain said...

I am so sorry.....prayers for you and your mom and whole family. When my father was intubated, he was delusional too, tried to pull it out, and was TIED DOWN. It's so awful.....God, I know how you feel.........

Samantha said...

So sorry about your mom. Sending prayers!
And look at Cody! He's huge!!! Congrats to him!!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ohhhhh man! Your poor mom!! Ew ew ew!! And poor you. Will send up extra prayers for your mom and you.

At least that little funky bed looks like it would be more comfy than a recliner. Or standard chair. :)

Congrats to Logan!! And Prom only happens once, so... Also thanks for the heads up - guess I better start saving now. :)

I can relate to you on siblings day. Is it weird to say I'm actually glad I'm not alone?

Wow! You have a bro-in-law who's a semi-pro football? Awesome!! And even more awesome they won on his first game ever. :)

Renee said...

Sweet Jesus no wonder your mom went on a rampage. I would have, too. What an awful experience. I hope the rest of the hospital stay is much better and uneventful!
If your BIL ever plays for the Atlanta Falcons I can hook you up with a place to stay :) Best of luck to him.

Jenn said...

oh goodness prayers for you mom! as a nurse who has to put those tubes down peoples noses, I totally understand her pain and frustration. It seems sooo painful!

LA Botchar said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom! I do hope things are better soon. That seems to be the way of things for my dad this past year. He's in his late 70s now (he's 11 years older than my mom - but they met in their 50s), and it just seems to be one thing after the other. He had a twisted bowel recently and it sounds like he had to endure much like the same thing. It's hard to watch them go through all this - especially since most of the procedures are not exactly dignified!!

Wow - prom has got expensive!! Or maybe my mom just never shared how much it truly was when it was my turn. And I went to 3, so now I feel really bad. But, I did enjoy every single minute each time.