Friday, July 1, 2016

It's National Postal Worker Day - #NationalPostalWorkerDay

I was thinking that I might start a semi-regular "National Day" post on my blog.  Ya know, to feed the fodder and discuss the different things that are nationally recognized each day.  For the 1st of July we've got National Postal Worker Day.

Back in the "olden" days, when snail mail was still the way to communicate I would write and receive letters from friends and family.  I had no shortage of pen pals.  I still have several (and I do mean several) of those letters and cards tucked away in my hope chest.  And, still to this day, it's always nice to receive something other than bills in the mail.

Because I'm a blogger, my local postal carrier knows my address all too well.  Now that I'm moving, there will be a new one I'll become familiar with.

I'm thankful for Postal Workers and believe they deserve a day of recognition.  They slosh through snow, duck and dodge vicious dogs, and have to beat the heat.

Do you enjoy receiving snail mail?  Do you think technology has slowed the postal industry?  Have you thanked your Postal Worker lately?


Renee said...

I didn't know it was National Postal Worker Day, but I have apologized to and thanked my mailman recently, as a matter of fact. I switched cat litter brands, and the new brand comes through the local post office instead of via a 40 pound bag! I order three bags a month, so I warned him to be expecting them and told him how glad I was that he was a young muscular guy and not a tiny frail elderly woman like our previous postal worker! The first shipment--no problems. The second shipment--hole in one of the bags and cat litter inside his Jeep! I apologized and told him I would look for another option, but he just laughed and said it was not a problem. So glad I got a mailman with a sense of humor :)

An Apel a Day said...

I love getting mail. I should send more cards to my Grandpa. He'll be 90 this year. They love getting mail.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I love my postal worker. He is always bringing my mail to the door so he can see my dogs lol.

Sue Hull said...

I live getting mail.My mailman is to lazy to drop my mail at my door so he leaves it in the managers office.I live on the 3rd floor and there is an elevator.Where I used to live my mail lady brought me my packages and mail.She knew I was disabled so its hard for me to walk to my mailbox. I do appreciate postal workers just not so much mine. Lol!

Luck City said...

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