Thursday, August 11, 2016

It's National Son's and Daughter's Day

It's a day to celebrate our offspring, our spawn, our beloveds.  

If you have a son or a daughter, or both, be sure to let them know how much they mean to you.  Don't go all Christmas crazy, but a small gift or kind words would be nice.

I'm fortunate to have six kids in my life (3+3=blended family).  And they're all six pretty darn fantastic.

me and Shelby on the way to a concert

The oldest is Shelby.  She's my mini-me.  People swear that she and I look alike.  Only I was never skinny, and she always has been.  She's 22 years old and works two jobs.  She works her arse off to attend concerts and gets tats.

Juliann and Allyson

Juliann just turned 16 and got her license. She swears Yadier Molina of St. Louis Cardinals fame is her future husband.  

Allyson is of the legal drinking age but looks nowhere near that.  She works full-time and is very much into exercise and holistic health.


Emma just recently had a birthday as well and is now 14 years old.  She's full of giggles, grins, and attitude.

Logan reading the Bible and taking notes on the way to a Rob Zombie concert.  #DontJudge

Logan is in a class all of his own.  He just hit the adult life (18!)  Logan can be the super serious jock dude one minute and have us gut-busting laughing the next.  


Adam will be 17 in just a few days.  He's usually quiet and very laid-back.  If his attitude comes out, you know he's angry!  Him and Logan both work part-time for Pepsi.

Those are the sons and daughters of my life.  Love 'em all very much.

Do you have sons and/or daughters in your life?  Do you plan on celebrating National Son's and Daughter's Day?  


mail4rosey said...

That's fun that it's son or daughter day. I will have to make sure to say something nice to the kids. ;) Your family is awesome. And def. no judging on the Bible...any time the kids pick the book up, that's a good thing. :)

An Apel a Day said...

What a great post. I thought for sure I'd have daughters. My mom had all girls and my grandma had all girls. When I got my ultrasound telling me that I had a son I was like, "Really?!" Not out of anger. I just thought I was prego with a daughter. Then the younger one came along. I thought he was a girl because that pregnancy was so different than the first. I love my 2 boys.

This is a beautiful post. Such wonderful photos.

Adaptable Kay said...

I always love reading your personal posts about your family; you have such beautiful kids and from your guys' adventures and what you write about them on here you can tell you and your husband raised them to be responsible, thoughtful, and valued members of society.

Renee said...

DYING laughing over your #DontJudge!!! I guess he thought he better study God's word before stepping into Satan's playground :)

Kaycee said...

Quite a good lookin' group of 'babies' ya got there! They grow up so very fast!