Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rockin' Out with a Guitar Lunch Box - Review

I received product for review from  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

School is back in session for many students, and parents are busy buying supplies. When I was a student, and even now as a blogger, I was excited to get new supplies. And the more showy, the better. I didn't want plain, ordinary stuff. I wanted things that were decorative and fun.

Although the name declares what they mainly specialize in, also sells a great selection of gifts, games, and supplies. For instance, they carry a Guitar Lunch Box that's sure to catch everyone's eye.

Although I can't play one to save my soul, I like guitars.  In fact, I have a tattoo of a guitar on my leg.  Although this particular item is labeled as a lunch box, it has so many other uses as well.  I've been putting my writing utensils and small office supplies in it to keep them all together.

The lunch box itself is made of tin and is black on the outside.  It's a silver tin color on the inside.  Included is a sheet of stickers to decorate it with, so you can choose to keep it plain black or style it up.  A couple of the stickers included are a skull and a rock-n-roll hand symbol.  There are two hinged clasps on the lunch box to keep contents secure, and a handle to carry it.

Rock out with your socks out and order your child (or yourself!) a guitar lunch box from!

inside view of lunch box