Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wordful Wednesday - Huzzah Valley Float Trip

Labor Day weekend was spent with a group of people at Huzzah Valley in Steelville, Missouri.  We set up camp Friday night, then went out on the river in a raft on Saturday.
There are several boating/mileage options available.  We went with the six mile raft trip, which took close to six hours to complete.  Along the way, there was a rope swing and a handful of cliffs which you could jump from.  

Molly and Chalupa

The first four hours in, we were all on board and excitable.  The last two hours, although still enjoyable, were mostly spent by laying on the raft and soaking up the sun.  

The first annual Rockfest also took place at Huzzah over the weekend.  Twenty-five bands took turns with their allotted time and kept the crowd entertained.  Our campsite was close enough that we could hear the bands clear enough without having to go to the stage.  

We did head up to the stage to dance a couple of times.  We rocked out with 650 Winnebago, Nervous Pudding, and System Slave.    

Paul, Molly, Alex, Chalupa, Colleen, Todd, Alaina, Terra, and Jason

It was my second float trip at Huzzah, and Jason's first.  I'd definitely do it all again.

Have you ever been on a float trip?  How did you celebrate Labor Day weekend?


Samantha said...

Military Husband was sick all weekend so that stunk! Looks like you had a great Labor Day!!

Renee said...

I recommend you guys take more sun screen next year!!!
Love the fog named Chalupa :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Looked like a really fun way to spend the holiday weekend!