Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wordful Wednesday - End of Summer Soiree

A few weeks back I hosted an End of Summer Soiree at my home.  We moved to a new place in July and it gave us a chance to bring the friends and family together to see the place.
There were over 40 people that showed up.  Our house is small but our yard is not.  Hence the decision to hold the party outside.

There was a crazy amount of food.  Everybody brought a covered dish.  I got all fanciful and made up some fruit kabobs.  #PinterestWorthy

By the end of the night I was white girl wasted a little tipsy so the peeps took advantage of hugging me.  I'm not generally a hugger and it's pretty well known.  That night, though, I was all about embracing.

My sister brought me a Housewarming gift.  It's one of the best presents ever!  Her name is Stella Isabella.  

I had a good time with friends and family from all walks of life.  Next time, though, I'm holding out on the hugs.


Katy said...

Ha ha ha! That housewarming gift is special!

Looks like everyone had a fun time, even with the hugging.

Renee said...

Muffins? Now that's my kind of fruit kabob right there!
What exactly IS Stella Isabella? Is she a creepy yard gnome? If so, that should keep the neighbors away :)