Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Christmas and Hairpieces

Although she's on hiatus right now, I'm still going to play along with Random Tuesday Thoughts, hosted by Stacy Uncorked.  On to the randomness...
Misty debating over which ornament she's going to knock off first

Against my internal wishes, the Christmas tree is finally up.  A gal from our Small Group gave us a tree since the one we had before the move went into the dumpster.  The decor is not Pinterest worthy but the majority of my ornaments have sentimental value.  They're either personalized or handmade by my mother.  I also have several ornaments passed down from when I was a youngster.
I shopped at Sam's Club and Hyvee the other day.  Between the two, I got a tummy full.  With all the food samplings, I didn't have to eat lunch.
Me, Rhonda, and Felicia

Went shopping at Kohl's with a couple gal pals for the Senior Center Angel Tree the other day.  Got what they requested but couldn't help but purchase some hats and scarves for ourselves.

hangin' with my homie, Mandy Kin

Jason went to get his hair cut at a friend's in-home salon last week.  She made the mistake of asking me to get a towel out of her supply closet.  A mannequin head and a blonde hair piece became my entertainment.

Jason's alternate  hairstyle??!!

Logan doing his study thing

Logan and Adam had been busy studying for the ACT.  Saturday was spent with several hours in a classroom, hopefully getting high scores.  We shall see!
I didn't get around to personalizing any ornaments this year but a friend ended up gifting us with one.  Very nice of her.
Six Flags, here I come!

If you haven't been yet and you're anywhere in the area, GO to Six Flags Holiday in the Park in St. Louis.  I went with a friend on Saturday and had a blast.  It was so cold you could cut glass with your, well, you know.  But with 16 trillion layers of clothes, it all worked out.  The entire experience was a blast.  It was the most wonderful day of the year during the most dreadful time of year.
If you are into Christian themed apparel and gifts, check out Kerusso's Stocking Stuffer Sale.  They have some merchandise prices down to 75% off.  I purchased 12  shirts, then turned around a few days later and ordered five more.  
How are your plans coming along for Christmas?
What have you been up to?
Find any good holiday sales online?


Peggy said...

I love going shopping with the Gal Friends. That is so much fun. I think the hair piece pictures are cute. Don't worry about how the tree looks.... it is up... that was the point.

An Apel a Day said...

I love shopping at Kohl's. The wig is so funny!